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    The Densité IP Gateway (IPG-3901) plug-and-play modules is a 3 RU module for the Densité 3 frame, which offers bidirectional IP/SDI conversion. The Gateway operates with 10 GigE audio/video video-over-IP, supporting 4K UHD/3G/HD/SD-SDI formats. The IPG-3901 v2.3 gateway module furthers the end-to-end support of IP for Grass Valley product lines by now offering support for Video Services Forum Technical Recommendation 04 (VSF TR-04), enabling independent routing of AES audio alongside SMPTE ST 2022-6 video and interconnection to audio devices supporting AES67 open standard for audio over IP.

    With the addition of intoPIX TICO mezzanine encoding and decoding option on the gateway, customers have a convenient way to add 4K to their workflow and move 4K across the production facility. TICO mezzanine compression is visually lossless 4:1 compression, which is lightweight and fast, perfectly suitable for live production. The IPG-3901 with purchasable TICO option provides either two (2) encodes OR two (2) decodes OR one (1) encode and one (1) decode per card.