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Eight-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI Media Biometrics Generator

The IQMBG80 generates Media Biometrics signatures containing vital video and audio information from up to eight independent SDI inputs and transmits them over an Ethernet IP link. Media Biometrics takes the “fingerprinting” concept a step further by using advanced techniques to both identify media and discover content errors regardless of the content and, in most cases, the processing that has been applied to the content.

IQMBG80 Media Biometrics generators are designed to provide a low barrier to entry for customers wishing to integrate the system into their existing workflows. Handling up to eight SDI inputs in a space-efficient single-width modular form factor allows Media Biometrics...


  • Generates Media Biometrics signatures from up to 8 SDI inputs and transmits them over IP link for analysis by other Media Biometrics enabled units
  • Signatures contain video data and 16 channels of audio data, transmitted frame by frame
  • Dedicated IP streaming output connection
  • Standards supported:
    • 3G-SDI to SMPTE ST 424/425 level A compatible
    • HD-SDI to SMPTE ST 292/274/296
    • SD-SDI to SMPTE ST 259-C
    • Ethernet IP to IEEE 802.3
  • RollCall control and monitoring compatible with standard logging and reporting features


Inputs and Outputs

Signal Inputs
SDI inputs: 8x


  • 3 Gb/s SDI, SMPTE ST 424 (425-level A)
  • 1.5 Gb/s HD-SDI, SMPTE ST 292
  • 270 Mb/s SDI, SMPTE ST 259-C

Connector/format: HD-BNC/BNC 75Ω panel jack on standard Grass Valley connector panel

Input cable length:

  • Up to 80m Belden 1694A @ 3 Gb/s
  • Up to 150m Belden 1694A @ 1.5 Gb/s
  • Up to 250m Belden 1694A @ 270 Mb/s

Signal Outputs
Ethernet output: Up to 8 Media Biometrics signatures

Electrical: 10/100base-T Ethernet to IEEE 802.3

Connector/format: RJ-45 panel jack on standard Grass Valley connector panel


CPU: OK (Green Flashing)

Input 1 to 8: OK (Green), Error (Red)

Content Status


  • OK (Green)
  • Warning (Yellow)
  • Error (Red)

Link: Link Up (Green)

Rate: 10 Mb/s (Yellow), 100 Mb/s (Green)

DHCP Enable/Disable Control

Manual IP Address Entry: Unit IP address entry, subnet mask entry, default gateway entry

Device name entry

Domain ID entry

NTP SVR 1-3 IP address entry

Signature 1-8 configuration: Enable/disable, source name, multicast IP address, port, closed caption detection enable/disable

Input 1-8 name entry

Reporting & logging: Input 1-8 state, standard, name, type, closed caption state

Media match input 1-8: Source name, domain ID, device name, device ID

Information window: Video input status

RollTrack index: Up to 16 RollTrack destinations

RollTrack sources: Unused, Input 1-8 State (OK, Lost), Network State (OK, Lost)
User memory 1-16

Factory default: Resets all module settings to factory specified default values and clears memories

Default settings: Resets all module settings to factory specified defaults but does not clear memories

Restart: Software restart of the module

Module Information:

  • Reports following module information: Software version, Serial number, Build number, KOS version, Firmware version, Rear ID, PCB version



Standards Supported
1080/50p, 1080/59p, 1080/60p, 750(720)/60p, 750(720)/59p, 750(720)/50p, 1125(1080)/29i, 1125(1080)/30p, 1125(1080)/29p, 1125(1080)/25i, 1125(1080)/25p, 1125(1080)/24p, 1125(1080)/23p, 525(480)/29i, 625(576)/25i

Power Consumption
Module power consumption: 13.5 PR (B frames)


Order Codes for IQH3B Enclosures and Newer IQH1A* Enclosures

3G/HD/SD-SDI Media Biometrics Generator. 8 SDI inputs (HD-BNC), Ethernet Output.

3G/HD/SD-SDI Media Biometrics Generator. 6 SDI inputs (BNC), Ethernet Output.

3G/HD/SD-SDI Media Biometrics Generator. 8 SDI inputs (BNC), Ethernet Output.

* Older IQH1A and all IQH3A enclosures do not support the B-type rears. Newer IQH1A support both A-type and B-type rears.

For more details on enclosure types please refer to the IQ Modular Enclosures datasheet.



IQMBG80: Eight-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI Media Biometrics Generator Datasheet

IQMBG80 modules lower the barrier of entry for customers wishing to incorporate Media Biometrics signatures into their existing 3G/HD/SD-SDI workflows.



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