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Four-channel Audio Analog to Digital Converter

The IQAAD00 converts two analog stereo pairs, or four analog mono channels into two AES/EBU digital audio streams. Each analog input is sampled at 48 kHz with 24-bit resolution. Sampling can be free-running, locked to a reference video signal or 48 kHz AES/EBU digital audio stream. Video standard is automatically determined. The IQAAD00 also provides proc amp control, channel routing and mixing, up to 0.5s of tracking audio delay and additional fixed delay of up to 3s adjustable in 1 ms steps.


  • Converts four analog audio channels into two AES/EBU digital audio streams
  • Firewall for processed PCM audio to provide a continuous output
  • Channel-level (sub-frame) routing
  • 4 off 4 channel assignable audio mixers
  • Flexible audio delay including per pair fixed delay, common  fixed delay and tracking delay
  • Variable audio delay of up to 0.5s which seamlessly tracks an external video delay via RollTrack/GPI inputs
  • Audio proc amp (gain, mute, polarity)
  • GV Orbit control and monitoring compatible


Inputs and Outputs

Signal Inputs
Analog audio: 4 channels (2 stereo pairs)

Video/AES reference: Composite video/AES/EBU (BNC)

Signal Outputs
Unbalanced digital audio: 2x AES/EBU (BNC)

Balanced digital audio: 2x AES/EBU (25-way D-type)

Standards: AES3 - 1992

Control Interface
GPI: 1x closing contact I/O interface (BNC)

Card Edge and Remote Controls

Card Edge Controls

Card Edge Indicators
Reference Present

CPU running/power: One green LED, flashing = OK

Remote Control Functions

Audio Controls
Set line up level: +20 to -20 dBu in 1 dB steps

Set headroom: 4 to 24 dB in 1 dB steps

Set audio detector thresholds: High/low levels, silence, overload, time delay

Audio input delay: Up to 1.5s additional delay in 1 ms steps

Input side control proc audio gain and polarity: Independent Gain, Mute, Polarity control over input channels. +18 dB to -18 dB in 0.1 dB steps

Channel routing: Output channels routed from analog pairs 1 and 2, test tone and silence
Output side control proc gain and polarity: Independent Gain, Mute, and Polarity control over output channels. +18 dB to -18 dB in 0.1 dB steps

Global delay offset: Up to +1.5 s in 1 ms steps, common to all processed audio

Variable audio delay control source: Up to 0.5 s from RollTrack + GPI

Tone frequency, amplitude and ident:  2-channel tone generator. 100 Hz to 15 kHz in 100 Hz steps

Tone Setup
Frequency: 100 Hz to 15 kHz in 100 Hz steps

Channel ident: 0.5s interruption every 2s

Other Controls
Preset unit: Returns settings to factory defaults

User memories: Name, clear, save and read 8 user memories

GPI/O setup: May be attached to any memory function/polarity

Reference select: Free Run, AES/EBU or Video PAL/NTSC

Reference State: Std (525, 625, AES)/WARN (Loss, 525, 625, AES), Error AES, None

Processed Audio Channels State (BUS_L/R): OK/WARN (Silent, Quite, High, Overload)

RollTrack Message Status: Send and Received OK/ Message Not Acknowledged

RollTrack Input
Delay: RollTrack + fixed

RollTrack Output

Delay: Current audio delay

Reference state: Ref Lost, Ref Present, Ref error (error: AES reference sample rate not 48 kHz)

GPI: High, Low, Inactive


General Specifications

Analog Audio Input (Balanced)
Analog input impedance: 10 kΩ

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.1 dB)

Distortion (THD+N): Better than -95 dB, 1 kHz@ - 1 dBFS

Dynamic range: >106 dB

Max input level: +24 dBu

Digital Audio Output (Balanced)
Connector/format: 25-way D-type

Level: 3 Vp-p typical into 110Ω

Digital Audio Output (Unbalanced)
Connector/format: BNC

Level: 1 Vp-p typical into 75Ω

Reference return loss: Better than -35 dB to 5.8 MHz

Reference input level: 1 Vp-p ± 3 dB

Analog reference input standard: 48 kHz AES/EBU, 625/525 line

Power Consumption

Module power consumption:

  • 6.5 W max (A Frames)
  • 5 PR (B Frames)


Analog audio ADC. 4 balanced analog audio inputs, 2 balanced and unbalanced AES/EBU outputs, 1 GPI.

For more details on enclosure types please refer the IQ Modular Enclosures datasheet.



IQAAD00: Four-Channel Audio Analog to Digital Converter Datasheet

The IQAAD00 from Grass Valley converts two analog stereo pairs, or four analog mono channels into two AES/EBU digital audio streams



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