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Configurable General Purpose Interface

The IQGPI00/01/04 is a configurable control module for external devices and all RollCall compatible products.

This module uses the latest Grass Valley intelligent control software developed from the RollPod technology. This will allow the GPI to become a central controller for the most demanding network configuration. GPIs can be assigned to RollCall commands as before, but now with the aid of a PC program (RollPod Designer) the GPI can literally interact with the RollCall network environment, unleashing complex interactivity between external devices and/or other Grass Valley products.


  • Control products on the RollCall Network via external events, or vice versa
  • 11 optically isolated I/O interfaces, plus 1 which is non-isolated (IQGPI01, 04)
  • Outputs from IQGPI04 can switch up to ±48V at currents up to ±1A
  • 23 GPI non-isolated unbalanced I/O interfaces (IQGPI00)
  • Customizable solution allows programming of multiple events from a single trigger
  • Outputs may drive relays or LEDs
  • Direct connection to the RollCall network
  • 200 mA 5V power supply available on connector


Inputs and Outputs

User power supply


Data received
PSU overload

Additional RollCall Functions

Configure GPI    

  • GPI input triggers RollTrack output(s)
  • GPI input triggers RollCall logging messages
  • RollTrack input triggers GPI output, plus additional RollTrack outputs
General Specifications

IQGPI00 Connector/format: 25-way D-Type, 23 unbalanced optically isolated
IQGPI01/04 Connector/format:

  • 25-way D-Type, 11 balanced optically isolated
  • 25-way D-Type, 1 unbalanced optically isolated

Input Specification
Voltage limits: -5V to +30V
Logic 1: +2.5V to +30V

Output Specification
Maximum on current: 50 mA (1A – IQGPI04)

Power Source
Voltage: 5V ± 0.5V
Maximum current: 100 mA
Maximum load: Short-circuit

Power Consumption
Module power consumption:

  • 2.5W Max (A Frames)
  • 2.0 PR Max (B frames)
  • 5W Max (IQGPI04)


EMC Performance Information

Environment: Commercial and light industrial E2
Peak mains inrush current following a 5 second mains interruption: No mains input
Performance information: No performance degradations or cable length limitations


Configurable General Purpose Interface
1x D25. 23x Unbalanced GPI input or output ports, 1x RollNet BNC

Configurable General Purpose Interface
1x D25. 12x GPI input or output ports (11 Balanced, 1 Unbalanced), 1x RollNet BNC

Configurable General Purpose Interface
1x D25. 12x GPI High Power Relay Output Ports (11 Balanced, 1 Unbalanced), 1x RollNet BNC

For more details on enclosure types please refer to the IQ Modular Enclosures datasheet.



IQGPI00-04: Configurable General Purpose Interface Datasheet

The IQGPI00/01/03/04 is a configurable control module for external devices and all RollCall compatible products.



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