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IQH1A 1RU Frame

The IQH1A enclosure offers high-density delivery of HD and SD modular solutions. The 1 RU enclosure accepts up to four “A” & Now “B” style modules and is available with hot-swappable dual redundant PSUs for maximum reliability. The enclosure is fitted with RollCall control and monitoring as standard, including full SNMP control and monitoring functionality over Ethernet.


  • Four single-width or two double-width modules (or any combination)
  • Capable of accepting all types of IQ modules including HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES and analog audio, analog video and fiber optics
  • Dual redundant power supplies (hot swappable) for high system availability
  • Optimum use of rack space — frames do not require any additional ventilation spacing
  • Plug-in RollCall enabled via gateway card with TCP/IP, RollNet, SNMP and RS-232/422 connectivity
  • In service replaceable cooling fans
  • Chassis monitoring, including inlet temperature, fan condition and module status
  • Full CE and UL compliance


Inputs, Outputs and Controls


  • RollCall remote control: BNC connector
  • RS-422/485/232
  • Remote control: 9-pin D-Type connector
  • RollCall/SNMP over TCP/IP
  • 10/100base-T Ethernet

Preset Controls

  • Unit address code set switches: 2 Hex switches 0 to F
  • Communications mode switch: Select RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 interface

Additional Controls via RollCall Remote Control System

  • Full Control via RollCall Control Panel PC Application
General Specifications

Number of modules that may be accommodated:

1 RU:
2 double-width or 4 single-width (or combinations of both) fitted horizontally
Module card dimensions: 100 mm wide, 340 mm long

Module rear connector:

  • SD – 64 way HD/SD – 55 way
  • Z pack + 6/9 coax inserts

Module rear panel dimensions:

  • -A versions: 129 mm (5.1 in.) wide
  • Double-width: 40.4 mm (1.6 in.) high
  • Single-width: 20 mm (0.8 in.) high

CE Performance Information

  • Environment: Commercial and light industrial E2 immunity, controlled EMC E4 emissions
  • Peak mains inrush current following a 5 second mains interruption: 16A

Power (each PSU)
Input voltage range: 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz

Input connector: IEC320 Fused T3.15AH

Input current: 2.5A

Enclosure power consumption: 86.25W maximum (±7.5V supplies)


  • +7.5V and -7.5V ±10%
  • Fan supply 11V ±1V
  • 0.7A typical

Note that all modules have built-in power supply fuses.

Temperature range: 0 to 40° C (32 to 104° F) operating, -30 to +75° C (-22 to 167° F) storage. Cooling fan is fitted

Humidity range:
10 to 85% (non condensing)

Case type:
1 RU rack mounting aluminum case

483 x 470 x 44.4 mm (19.0 x 18.5 x 1.7 in.) (WxDxH)

Depth behind rack ears excluding space for leads:
450 mm (17.7 in.)

Weight empty:
6.45 kg (14.2 lbs.)

Weight including modules:
8.25 kg (18.2 lbs.)



Enclosure with Dual Redundant PSU & Ethernet/SNMP Compatible RollCall Gateway Card. 4 module slots.

Single PSU as cold spare or upgrade to Dual PSU configuration.

Ethernet/SNMP compatible RollCall Gateway card for IQH1A enclosures.

Notes: Although IQ modules are interchangeable between enclosures, each enclosure requires a suitable variant of panels:

  • Either ‘A’ or ‘B’ order codes may be used when installing modules in the newer IQH1A enclosures
  • When selecting ‘B’ build rear panels to fit into the IQH1A enclosure, please ensure features such as frame reference (if relevant to the module) are available on the rear since distributed reference is not supported in this enclosure



IQ Modular Enclosures: Flexible and Reliable Video and Audio Backbone Datasheet

The IQH1A enclosure offers high-density delivery of HD and SD modular solutions. The 1 RU enclosure accepts up to four "A" & now "B" single-width style SDI modules, two double-width style SDI modules or one double-width IP style module.



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