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    The IQASI25 is a cost effective ASI-switched Distribution Amplifier that continuously monitors two MPEG-2 DVB ASI transport streams (TS) and routes the preferred input to the 5 identical outputs. It monitors various critical parameters within the transport stream and their status will effect switching and alarms. It is compliant to the ETSI TR 101290 specification for Digital Video Broadcasting and supports both DVB and ATSC transport streams in Packet, Byte & Burst modes. Automatic operation is configurable by the user and the switch may also be externally controlled via the RollCall control and monitoring system or external GPI's.

    Why should you choose this module?
    • Cost effective ASI switched distribution amplifier able to automatically switch on critical error detection
    • Flexible automatic or manual control for application specific scenarios
    • Full RollCall compatibility allows easy integration with SAM network management systems providing an all-inclusive monitoring and control solution