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    The IQCWM09, IQCWM10 and IQCWM16 are optical Coarse Wave Division Multiplexer/Demultiplexer modules. Occupying just a single slot of an IQ modular frame, the CWDM optical blocks themselves are completely passive devices and there are no other active components on the fully assembled modules. Both types are intended for use with the IQOTX80, IQORX80 and IQOTR40 series Fiber Optical Conversion modules. Connection to all ports are made at the rear of the modules using standard LC receptacles.

    The IQCWM16 features 17 bi-directional optical paths (16 dedicated wavelengths + Common). The 16 dedicated wavelength paths are spilt into two groups which are separated from the 'Common' port by an optical splitting filter.

    Wavelengths for the first group of eight channels extends from 1610nm to 1470nm and 1410nm to 1270nm for the second group.