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    The IQDBD00 provides an integrated Dolby E/D decoding and re-embedding solution for HD-SDI 1.5 Gbit/s or SD-SDI 270 Mbit/s signals. As well as providing embedding or de-embedding for up to 16 PCM audio channels, eight AES/EBU streams, it can de-embed and decode Dolby E data to output as AES or re-embed into the video stream. Dolby E features include automatic Dolby E/D alignment with the video signal, and metadata decoding and output to RS485. PCM audio processing features include tracking audio delay, gain, phase invert, mixing, Dolby E/D pair routing and separate channel level routing. Video features include proc. amp controls and up to 12 frames of delay.

    Why should you choose this module?
    • Powerful audio processing module to decode Dolby E audio signals for content and level monitoring
    • Metadata output allows downstream Dolby Encoders to repurpose the audio signals correctly
    • Adjustable video delay to match Dolby E decoder delay
    • Advanced Dolby E alignment functions enable accurate timing to be maintained throughout the signal path
    • Suitable for synchronous or asynchronous embedding and de-embedding applications using AES audio
    • Suitable for multi-lingual audio applications thanks to channel-level control and up to sixteen channel operation