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    The IQHIP10 is an advanced monitoring module with revolutionary Hyperion content QC capability. Hyperion is designed to continuously and automatically monitor signal content providing verification of whether legal and technical obligations are being met and to provide guidance as to whether the content is within the required parameters to be considered as valid. For video factors such as motion level within the content, as well as the amount of darkness and amount of picture color are monitored. Audio factors reported include Dolby D/E or PCM audio presence, likeness and level information such as Silent, Quiet, Loud and Overload.

    Picture regions can be monitored to allow for animated logos and on-screen graphics such as news tickers. Alarm thresholds can all be adjusted allowing profiles to be set by the user for different material types (genres).

    Content may be tracked through the broadcast chain by the insertion and reading of SMPTE UMIDs or Internal House Number, title and duration metadata. This data can be used to track content, verify that the correct content is being transmitted and even frame count the duration of every piece of content to ensure contractual obligations are being met. For ingest applications timecode information can also be interpreted and stamped on any Hyperion alarms to enable efficient location of QC alarms.

    For remote content identification, delivery of video thumbnail images and audio level monitoring provide a secondary manual level of confidence that content is correct at both internal and remote locations. All alarms from this product can be integrated into the major Video display wall processors to streamline alarm reporting and reported through RollMap Network Management system or via SNMP to other vendor Control and Monitoring systems.