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    The IQLDK30 provides a flexible and cost effective linear or luma keying solution ideal for 3G/HD/SD live production and playout applications. Including other key features such as logo, clock and text crawl insertion brings a space efficient synergy of other common branding requirements, all on a single card.

    The IQLDK30 is capable of adding any combination of up to six animated or static 10-bit color logos into the SDI stream at any point within 4:2:2 boundaries of the active picture. Keyer and Logo control is via RollCall, GPI, RollTrack triggers or SNMP, allowing the IQLDK30 to easily interface with external systems. Logos can be efficiently downloaded over TCP/IP network via a standard web-browser interface onto dedicated 32 GB microSD storage. This provides the ability to have up to 64 logos loaded in non-volatile memory ready for immediate keying.

    The IQLDK30 provides a dedicated program output along with selectable preview/program outputs which include a clean feed option. Being transparent to ancillary data allows the IQLDK30 to pass any embedded audio or metadata and this combined with a short signal delay makes the module suitable for all operational environments.