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    The IQSAM00 provides a fast and efficient way to monitor video and audio confidence and timing at various points within an SDI system. In broadcast systems, maintaining the association and timing between video and audio signals to avoid an objectionable viewer experience has always involved a lot of time-consuming setup, testing and monitoring by broadcast engineers and staff, but now IQSAM00 can provide the monitoring confidence that everything is correct and remains correct during live operation. It does this by generating and comparing video and audio signatures from the SDI stream and reporting back the delay value and an accuracy confidence, all without the need for potentially intrusive metadata insertion, or watermarking.

    IQSAM00 can operate as a purely SDI-based module to compare two SDI streams (one “known good” and one “measured”) in a “probe” type application, or can transmit and receive fingerprints over IP for comparison with units at different locations within the facility or at a remote site. IQSAM00 can compare the signals quickly and reliably with typical confidence times of sub-5 seconds achieved for common applications and material types. Being fully compatible with GV Orbit graphical monitoring software means that signal confidence and delay values from across the system can be shown in a single display graphic, providing system timing confidence “at a glance.” Alternatively, native SNMP support enables IQSAM00 to be integrated with other network management systems used for “in house” monitoring operations.