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    K2 Dyno Universe replay systems are optimized for 6X or 4K UHD operation, and they’re both fully 6X/4K UHD switchable. What’s special about the K2 Dyno Universe systems is that they make 4K UHD and 6X replay much more accessible. For instance, until now, 4K UHD replay would typically require double the number of servers, double the rack space, and double the number of operators in comparison to HD. The result was that 4K UHD replay has been impractical for most events.

    That’s now all changed with K2 Dyno Universe. The new 4 RU K2 Dyno Universe replay system is still smaller than a (6 RU) common single server but it delivers more than double the channel capacity. Now, all 6X and 4K UHD workflows are possible, using the same number of operators, and this minimizes OPEX. Plus you get a choice of video transport: SDI, IP (SMPTE ST 2022-6) and TICO compression for 4K 1-Wire.

    Combine the K2 Dyno Universe with the LDX 86 Universe system camera for the ultimate 4K UHD/HD 6X replay system.