Simplified Standalone Quad-Split Multiviewer with Dual Quad-Split Upgrade Capability

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Kaleido-XQUAD Insights & Highlights
Single or Dual Outputs Per Multiviewer
Simplified, Highly Flexible Truck Monitoring
Remote Control of Integrated Routing and Multiviewer Systems
Rich Integration with Routers Delivers Full Scalability
Full Integration with Other Kaleido Multiviewers

Single or Dual Outputs Per Multiviewer

The multiviewer is available in two versions: Kaleido-XQUAD features four 3G/HD inputs and a single multiviewer output (HDMI/HD-SDI), and Kaleido-XQUAD-DUAL offers eight 3G/HD inputs and two multiviewer outputs.

Doubling space efficiency with its 8x2 configuration, Kaleido-XQUAD-DUAL provides full flexibility with layout creation. In the event of a monitor problem, it offers easy failover of all eight sources on a single display.

Simplified, Highly Flexible Truck Monitoring

With its excellent space and energy efficiency, Kaleido-XQUAD is especially well suited to production monitoring in trucks. It also offers the picture quality and display flexibility demanded by the most critical operators. Its lightning fast processing removes the need for complex audio delay compensation, while satisfying the most discerning of directors.
The multiviewer system integrates tightly with the NVISION 8500 Hybrid routers with integrated audio processing, and third-party production switchers. Control of a highly integrated system is simplified with the RCP-200 panel, which can operate the router and multiviewer, as well as Grass Valley’s signal processing and distribution cards.

Remote Control of Integrated Routing and Multiviewer Systems

Integrated multiviewer and routing systems can be controlled using a choice of remote control panels. One simple option is to use a traditional router control panel to assign any source, anywhere, any number of times on the monitor wall. This mimics what the router would do to a traditional monitor wall, by allowing the user to assign any source to any destination. This type of control is available with the NVISION control panels, as well as third-party router control panels from Snell (Pro-bel) and Nevion.

The highly graphical RCP-200 touchscreen remote panel offers more advanced control of combined multiviewer and routing systems. The panel provides multiviewer layout pre-set selection and quick router source assignment control via a category/index graphical interface. The RCP-200 is a multifunctional panel, and can also be used for control of Densité Series interfaces.

Intuitive control across multiviewers
Kaleido multiviewer systems can be easily controlled by one or more dedicated remote control panels, or by on-screen mouse control. Simple to use, on-screen mouse operated drop-down menus are contextual to speed operations, and offer numerous functions, such as changing aspect ratios, checking the safe area, assigning an input and changing text in a UMD.

Users can also instantly change layout configurations, and dynamically zoom one source larger for quality control, or audio monitoring of an on-screen source. The Kaleido-RCP2 remote panel exemplifies this simplicity, and provides easy multiroom, multioperator control over Ethernet, with local connections for a mouse and keyboard.

Rich Integration with Routers Delivers Full Scalability

For large monitoring facilities, Kaleido-XQUAD can be paired with NVISION and third-party routers to provide expansion up to 1,152 video inputs and 288 multiviewer outputs.

With the Kaleido Cluster feature, multiple multiviewers behave like a single virtual system from an operator’s perspective, with full layout flexibility.

For example, two NVISION 8576 routers can be integrated with 144 Kaleido-XQUAD-DUAL multiviewers to provide up to 288 multiviewer outputs. This system spans three independent control rooms, controlled by three operators.

Full Integration with Other Kaleido Multiviewers

Kaleido-XQUAD uses the same advanced processing technology, control panels and layout software as the top of the range Kaleido-X processor.

On-screen elements, such as tallies, timers and clocks are just some of the heritage from the Kaleido family, and there is also a library of third-party interfaces with routers, UMD controllers and production switchers.

The powerful XEdit configuration tool allows seamless creation of layouts for multiple Kaleido devices within a single room. This provides a much better overview of the entire monitor wall during layout design.

The Kaleido-RCP2 and RCP-200 remote control devices allow instant layout changes from a single button press, and the intuitive “Mouse on Wall” feature delivers easy interactivity with the monitor wall across multiple multiviewer processors.

All these diverse capabilities improve workflows and streamline operations in facilities, especially when there are multiple Kaleido family processors