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    The latest Kaleido multiviewer from Grass Valley comes fully integrated into the GV Node IP aggregation, processing and edge routing platform offering new possibilities for live production and playout monitoring systems. This integration within GV Node eliminates cables between the multiviewer and the router, translating into cost and weight savings, providing operational simplification of a single chassis solution for routing and multiviewing. This ensures that you will find the functionality you need for your specific application among the many features and benefits of the industry-acclaimed Kaleido multiviewer.

    Designed with live production operations in mind, the KMX-4921 offers the fastest processing on the market with only one field of latency. This fast multiviewer has also been optimized for reduction in space and power to meet the challenges of outside broadcast trucks. Ready for the future with 4K outputs for UHD displays and IP input capabilities through the GV Node platform, the KMX-4921 modular design is scalable from 9 to 54 inputs, and 1 to 4 outputs using the same building block module.