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    The KudosPro UHD1200 is a flexible 12G or quad-link 4K UHD processing unit including HDR and wide color gamut mapping, along with converting to or from 4K UHD and HDR/SDR. Such advanced processing allows re-purposing of existing or new assets, as well as covering all common video and audio processing tasks.

    • Repurpose existing HD content — upconvert for distribution over 4K UHD channels
    • Service existing HD channels — downconvert 4K UHD content for simulcast on mainstream HD services
    • Integrate HDR (PQ, HLG, S-Log3) signals into SDR workflows, translate between HDR standards, or map SDR signals for use in HDR productions
    • Cover color space requirements with BT709 and BT2020 translation features
    • 4K UHD signal processing — synchronize, adjust and enhance, or process audio with the UHD1200's comprehensive control features