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    A new addition to the LiveTouch replay series, LiveTouch 1300 brings enhanced flexibility to 4K UHD production with the ability to capture video directly from IP sources. For fast, efficient media creation, LiveTouch 1300 expands its collaborative workflow model to include remote/at-home production, while still enabling any operator on the system to instantly access and edit the same content.

    LiveTouch 1300 provides the immersive 4K UHD and HDR workflows that quickly adapt to meet any production requirement. Its unique ability to ingest any combination of HD, 4K UHD, SDR and HDR formats without external conversion gear makes it simple and cost-efficient to provide the multiple outputs required of today’s live productions.

    To give viewers deeply detailed insight that only is available from your content, LiveTouch supports super motion in 2x, 3x, 4x, and 6x replay for super-smooth variable speed playback.

    Perfectly suited to OB trucks and sports venues, LiveTouch 1300 simplifies 4K UHD requirements with the latest in open-standard connections. LiveTouch 1300’s unique 50 Gb/s IP I/Os provide the highest-density connections of any replay and highlights solution for a significant reduction in cabling costs.

    In addition, packing up to 25.6 TB of reliable SSD storage in just 5 RU, without any requirement for external storage arrays. LiveTouch 1300 is ideal for situations that require both a small footprint and format flexibility.