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    6028-RC control panels are compatible with Nucleus2 (246x) controllers as used in the Sirius 800 range of routers. They are also the recommended panel types for use with the Vega Asymmetric router (see example system on front page). Connection to a router for all 'RC' panel types is IP Ethernet only (either directly or via a hub) over standard CAT5/6 cabling using RJ45 connectors. All the panels feature an integral auto ranging mains power supply with an IEC type inlet.

    With the 6028000RC panel printed legends are fitted between the two key rows under clear covers once the panel configuration has been defined. A legend template for this purpose is available for download from the router control panel section of our website. The 6028100RC & 6028201RC LED panels use individual printed legends fitted to each key cap. The LCD panels will port source and destination names once connected to the router and display them according to the text format chosen.