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Momentum v5.3

Media Asset Management and Workflow Automation

Momentum's MAM functions, such as metadata entry and revision, proxy file playback and content reversioning, are built on top of a hugely flexible and simple to use workflow automation tool. Mapping your current business processes into a Momentum workflow is a simple task, and it is just as easy to modify them when your business needs change. With Momentum you remain in charge of your workflows and can choose to rearrange them at any time. As you reversion your assets through the workflows that you define, your media is fully accessible in the Catalog, ensuring your operations have up to the second data on your content, further improving...


  • Catalogs and secures valuable assets
  • Powerful search to keep control of media
  • Create new versions of media via editing tools that enable collaboration
  • Secures revenue by ensuring process reliability and repeatability
  • Lowers operational costs by driving efficiencies
  • Minimizes wasteful processes and human waiting time
  • Saves operational cost by eliminating setup time for new projects


  • Asset management of all versions of your media
  • View proxies of all versions of your assets with selectable caption and audio tracks
  • User-defined categories to group your media types
  • Extensible database schema for unlimited descriptive metadata
  • Automatically populate technical metadata from workflow file analysis
  • Browse proxy versions of your media from any web client
  • Scan through media using automatically created thumbnails


  • Analysis tools display essential system performance data visually:
  • Waiting time
  • Processing time
  • Bottlenecks
  • Peak usage
  • Improve your business by focusing on inefficiencies


  • Use proxy media to produce EDLs and export to XML

Workflow Automation

  • Link together your automatic QC, manual review and transcode functions
  • Create paths for success or fail of each function
  • Unlimited nodes for multiple output paths for each function
  • Monitor your media processing in real time
  • Mix human and automated processes in the same workflow
  • User tasks lists populated by automated workflows
  • Large library of drivers for third-party devices
  • 22 device drivers for third-party devices
  • Add email alerts to any stage
  • Unlimited converging and diverging workflow paths
  • Link multiple workflows together
  • Add video editing to your workflows
  • Automatically add or extract metadata


Supported Devices



Digimetrics Aurora
Emotion systems eFF
Interra systems Baton
SAM (legacy) Internal QC
SAM (legacy) Audio QC
Tektronix Cerify
Telestream VantageQC
Venera Pulsar
VidCheck VidChecker

Capella Systems Cambria
Dalet iCR Transcoder
EEG CCPlayFilePro
Ffmpeg FFmpeg Transcoder
Harmonic Rhozet ProMedia
Rhozet WFS
includes EDL export & Bumper edit
Grass Valley Alchemist XFTM
Quasar XF
Media Biometrics
Minnetonka AudioTools
Telestream Agility
includes EDL export
Flip Factory
Wohler Audio Morph
Omneon Consolidator

Oracle DIVA Archive
DIVA Delete
DIVA Partial Restore
DIVA Restore
MassTech FlashNet Archive
FlashNet Delete
FlashNet Partial Restore
FlashNet Restore

Metadata Exchange
Imagine Harris Data Import
Grass Valley BXF Metadata


Full ordering information, including PC requirements, is available from your Grass Valley representative.




Grass Valley's powerful MAM allows anyone access to any version of your assets, dramatically improving the efficiency of your media operations.

Momentum's MAM functions, such as metadata entry and revision, proxy file playback and content reversioning, are built on top of a hugely flexible and simple to use workflow automation tool from Grass Valley.



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