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    One of the biggest practical challenges in a continuously expanding multichannel world is keeping track of all the content, and making sure that the right content is going to the right place, all the way through today’s complex playout chains. Indeed, a “single” channel can have a large number of variants based on language alone.

    The traditional method is to have human eyeballs on multiple screens, looking out for errors in the video or audio signal. However, as the number of channels that need monitoring grows, we are fast approaching a point where it is economically and practically impossible to have one set of eyeballs to every X number of channels in a master control room or a playout center.

    Consider instead a world which allows you to automate many of the processes you currently rely on skilled, expensive staff to perform; a technology that’s capable of informing you rapidly that media is in the wrong place at the wrong time; a technology that automatically detects and corrects lip sync issues and verifies that all your audio channels have been mapped correctly. Consider a truly intelligent technology for managing by exception in ever more complex media environments.

    Grass Valley offers a fully intelligent infrastructure for monitoring and quality control and central to this is Media Assurance.

    Media Assurance is defined as the act of automatically checking and verifying media throughout a broadcast workflow. Media Assurance is powered by Media Biometrics, Grass Valley’s unique signature technology for video, audio and metadata. Media Biometrics allows automated monitoring systems to not only check that it’s the correct media, but also understand the quality of it.