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Vega 16MV/32MV

Multiple Solutions Quickly Solve Routing Challenges

Offering two configurations: Vega 16MV offers 16x16 SDI routing plus two 4K multiviewer heads. The Vega 32MV offers two 4K multiviewer output heads but increases the SDI routing capacity to 32x32. The Vega 16MV and Vega 32MV can be configured simply online via a web application.

Multiple control options are available:

  • Browser control panel for routing and processing
  • Rollcall interface for Luna panel control
  • General Switcher (SW-P-02) and General Remote (SW-P-08) protocols on Ethernet
  • SNMP control and monitoring


Vega MV Series (16/32)

  • Powerful processing
  • Fast configuration
  • 4K UHD ready
  • Space saving, small form factor
  • Cost-efficient
  • Integrated multiviewer for easy monitoring
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Alarm for fast error detection.

The Vega 16MV and Vega 32MV are ideal for use in small OB trucks, ENG trucks, smaller studios, and anywhere where high quality 4K monitoring of up to 32 signals is needed.


Inputs and Outputs

Number of inputs/outputs:
16 or 32, 3G/HD/SD, optionally quad link 4K UHD

Input formats and standards supported:

  • PAL, PAL-M, NTSC, NTSC-4.43: 720x480i59.94, 720x576i50
  • SD-SDI: 1920x1080i60, 1920x1080i59.94, 1920x1080i50, 1920x1080p30, 1920x1080p29.97
  • HD-SDI: 1920x1080p25, 1920x1080p24, 1920x1080p23.98, 1280x720p60, 1280x720p59.94, 1280x720p50
  • 3G-SDI: 1920x1080p60, 1920x1080p59.94, 1920x1080p50

Metering capacity:

  • Dolby: up to 4 Dolby encoded pairs per input
  • Mono Audio: a maximum of 32 mono audio channel meters can be displayed per video tile

Dolby metering operation:

  • Auto-detect: audio meters adjust to incoming format
  • Fixed: audio bars are set to defined format. Channels of different formats are shown in “alarm” color

Multiviewer Outputs

2x SDI outputs with 2x HDMI copies

Output formats:

Format Resolution
HD 720p 1280x720, 50 Hz, 59.94/60 Hz
3G 1080p 1920x1080, 50 Hz, 59.94/60 Hz
4K UHD (HDMI only) 3840x2160, 50 Hz, 59.94/60 Hz

Video processing delay:

  • Nominal delay with co-timed input signals is 1 frame
  • Non-synchronous signals can add up to 1 frame of delay

Image configuration:

Images can be continuously varied in size and position on screen or may be displayed in preconfigured layouts, positions and sizes. When the outputs are configured to feed two display devices the tiles may be assigned to one or both outputs. The system menu can be displayed on one or both video outputs

Audio metering standards:
AES/EBU, BBC PPM, DIN PPM, Nordic PPM, VU and Extended VU


  • Video: loss of sync, loss of luminance, freeze frame or motion
  • Audio: loss of embedded or external audio, over level, out of phase, wrong format + Dolby E loss
  • Other: loss of VITC, subtitles or V-chip, video non-sync detection



Depth: 426 mm (16.7 in.)

Weight: 8 kg/18 lbs.

Backup power: external 1 RU provides 24 VDC

Power: 190W max.

Supply voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Cooling: Fan assisted, front to side



Vega 16MV. 1 RU 16x16 router with dual 4K UHD multiviewer outputs

Vega 32MV. 1 RU 32x32 router with dual 4K UHD multiviewer outputs


External backup 1 RU chassis for 3 PSU modules (PSU not included)

PSU module for Vega 16MV and Vega 32MV, and external backup chassis


A 1 RU backup power supply frame accommodating up to 3 backup power units provides power to the Vega MV in the event of an internal power supply failure. It also supports hot swapping of faulty power modules


Grass Valley provides a host of world-class customer services that take our clients from the inception of a project, through all of the key stages to successfully get on air, and throughout the system’s working life.



Vega Routing Switchers Family

The Vega router family is a powerful suite of routers that delivers superior functionality at price points that suit broadcasters' and media organizations' budgets. The family is divided into the Vega 10 Series, the Vega MV Series and the Vega 100 Series. They offer different physical interfaces that are all simple to configure and because all the models are easy to install, choosing the appropriate model for your routing needs is never difficult.



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