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MV-821-IP Multiviewer

Space-saving 2 RU Standalone Multiviewer

The MV-821-IP is a high-density IP multiviewer that's perfect for applications requiring space-saving solutions yet still the highest quality image display.

The MV-821-IP multiviewer is part of the MV-8 series multiviewer range. It is small and compact but with a high-density I/O and the only multiviewer to offer 48 inputs and 12 outputs in a 2 RU chassis. This makes the MV-821-IP ideal for on-the-road productions, flyaway packs, houses of worship and conference and events.


  • Superior density 48 inputs to 12 outputs — 4 standard outputs
  • All IP I/O streams on just 4 QSFP28 modules including full SMPTE ST 2022-7 hitless redundancy
  • HDR downmapping of HDR sources (for SDR displays) and HDR upmapping of SDR sources (for HDR displays)
  • Media Biometrics generation for Media Assurance with SigMA platform
  • World-class image processing and scaling
  • Up to 32 channels of audio metering per source
  • Internal and external UMD and tally support
  • Clock and timers
  • Optional unique input source streaming (H.264 compressed)
  • Integrated control and monitoring of system wide external devices as well as internal video and audio sources
  • Full audio, video and metadata alarm support
  • Multiple display wall control
  • SDI coax, SDI fiber and HDMI SFP output options (each HDMI output in place of two SDI outputs)
  • Mix HD, 3G & 4K UHD sources on HD, 3G and 4K UHD displays simultaneously
  • AFD/WSS auto support
  • Full RollCall integration


Inputs – 48 IP Streams

Video formats:

  • Same as MV-821-HDBNC but 4K UHD quad link only

Main IP: 2x QSFP28 both configured as 2x 50 GbE ports

  • Each 50 GbE RX link supports up to 12x 3G IP input streams

Redundant IP: 2x QSFP28 both configured as 2x 50 GbE ports

  • Same as ‘Main IP’ above

Uncompressed video transport using either SMPTE ST 2110-20/30 or SMPTE ST 2022-6 encapsulation

SMPTE ST 2022-7 compliant for hitless redundancy

Outputs – Up to 12 Simultaneous IP and SDI Streams

4 video outputs (upgradeable in pairs to 12)
Main IP: 2x QSFP28 (as per IP inputs)

  • First QSFP28 TX-link supports 8x 3G IP output streams
  • Second QSFP28 TX-link supports 4x 3G IP output streams

Redundant IP: 2x QSFP28 (as per IP inputs)

  • Same as ‘Main IP’ above

SDI outputs same as MV-821-HDBNC

Monitoring Outputs

48 inputs encoded as H.264 compressed IP output streams
Requires MV-821-H264 option

On-screen Monitoring

Fully flexible layouts: any object can be any size, in any position (48 scalers any scaled source can be duplicated in any position on any output)

  • Up to 16 audio channels per video signal
  • Bars outside or overlaid on picture
  • Audio meter scales on/off

Adjustable layering and transparency of objects over video or other objects or background video

Display up to 48 tiles on a single screen, plus additional tiles for clocks and tallies:

  • Programmable color & alarm thresholds

WSS/AFD flags to auto adjust aspect ratio of images within a video tile audio:

  • Metadata & control

Metering of AES embedded audio, VU, extended VU, DIN, BBC, Nordic scales including Dolby E:

  • Closed caption & subtitle detection with display on screen
  • UMD source names via:
    • Grass Valley general remote protocol
    • SW-P-08 over IP
    • TSL v3.1 or v5 protocol over IP


Alarm Notifications

Border alarm
In-picture message
Master GPO
Video alarms
Video black
Video frozen
Loss of video
Loss of CC
Loss of VITC data
SNMP support

Audio Alarms

Audio over level
Audio under level/loss
Loss of embedded channels
Dolby E

Status Indicators

Input standard
CC standard
Source ID
V-Chip status

Alarm Control

Configurable alarms threshold and trigger delays:

  • Alarm acknowledge form hard and soft panels via RollCall interface

Alarm acknowledge/clear/previous fault indication (border color or tally alarm box):

  • Alarm auto-clear after preset delay


Ordered as Individual Parts

When ordered as separate parts, the order codes shown are needed to build a complete system:


MV-821 2 RU Standalone Uncompressed IP Multiviewer

Multiviewer including 4 standard output licenses for simultaneous IP and SDI outputs from 48 scalers, multiformat 48 IP inputs using 4x 100 GbE QSFPs.

Additional licenses required to enable outputs 5-12.

SFP SDI modules ordered separately for outputs 1-4.

SFP for 1x Gb control interface included.

100 GbE QSFP28s ordered separately.


License upgrade to enable outputs 5 & 6. SFP for SDI outputs ordered separately


License upgrade to enable outputs 7 & 8. SFP for SDI outputs ordered separately


License upgrade to enable outputs 9 & 10. SFP for SDI outputs ordered separately


License upgrade to enable outputs 11 & 12. SFP for SDI outputs ordered separately


Dual output HD-BNC coaxial SFP module


Dual output SDI fiber SFP module (1310 nm single mode LC/PC)


Factory installed option for H.264 streaming of multiviewer inputs




The MV-821 is a high-density multiviewer that's perfect for applications requiring space-saving solutions yet still need the highest quality image display. Two variants are available: the MV-821-HDBNC for SDI workflows including single stream 12G 4K UHD and the MV-821-IP for IP networks.



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