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    The Most Advanced Control System Available
    The NV9000 router control system is the most broad and application-specific system available, offering the most efficient control paradigms that helps operators execute signal routing fast and error free from a highly resilient router controller platform.

    The NV9000 panel series includes a wide range of highly adapted panels for superior control. The panel range includes informative and easy to use LCD relegendable panels, multidestination panels, multimode button per source panels, destination/source (XY) panels, and the powerful RCP-200 smart panel. The Grass Valley panel series is the most comprehensive line of panels meticulously designed to optimize various workflows for the fastest and least error-prone operations, as well as providing multiple options that accommodate cost and restricted space requirements. These panels not only complement the NV9000 control system, but work equally well with our new GV Convergent SDN control systems. The NV9000 control system offers a selection of two controllers.

    A 2 RU enterprise range controller, the NV960 is predominantly used in TV stations and larger installations. The controllers offer outstanding robustness, and extremely flexible control to address different facility workflows, even in the most complex facilities. The controllers also offer highly effective bridging with legacy third-party routers and their control systems for an easier transition to a next generation routing switcher. A high level of integration with multiviewers and signal processing, as well as production switchers, master control switchers and tally systems, contributes to productive facility operations.