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NVISION Compact Insights & Highlights
Flexible System Architecture and Control
Flexible System Configuration

Flexible System Architecture and Control

The NVISION Compact router control panel system is highly scalable, and allows up to four routers to be controlled from up to 16 remote control panels without the use of an external controller. The routers are can be remotely controlled and monitored via a serial connection and over Ethernet, using NVISION protocols or other third-party control software.

Integration with NVISION router control system
For the highest level of control flexibility, the NVISION Compact routers can be integrated with the NVISION’s router control system. Field proven in hundreds of installations  worldwide with millions of hours of continuous operation, the NVISION router control system is the ultimate for mission-critical applications. Designed to grow with your needs, it offers a full complement of user interface options, full redundancy, and an easy-to-use Java-based configuration editor. Its flexible and scalable architecture offers a choice of several core system controllers, and a wide variety of highly configurable hardware and virtual control panels.

Flexible System Configuration

The NVISION Compact Router System Configurator (CRSC) software is included with every router. This Java-based software provides all the tools and flexibility needed to custom tailor compact router systems to optimize and improve the efficiency of your facility. The software can configure IP settings, partition routers into multiple levels, program remote control panels for device level control, build salvos, and reconfigure large routing networks to meet changing facility workflows. Configurations can be devised offline, and easily uploaded over a network to the system.

Intuitive help system
Configurator has simple help screens and menus to guide users through each step.