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GV Playout Xpress

Playout Made Simple — From the World’s Leading Playout Brand

GV Playout Xpress is a compact but powerful integrated playout solution designed to simplify deployment and reduce time to market.


  • Up to 4 channels of playout in 4 RU with an option for full redundancy
  • Built-in online storage for direct media access on playout servers, with up to 1 TB of usable storage per channel
  • Automation:
    • Designed to cope with the most demanding applications, including reactive channels and dynamic ad break scenarios
    • Built-in playlist editor
    • Multichannel timeline view
    • Modern and intuitive HTML5 UI with pre-configured user roles for edit, monitoring and administration
  • Rich channel branding:
    • Logos and animations
    • Built-in CG with full support for text crawls
    • Captions/subtitles
    • Supports SCC, CAP, STL and SMPTE ST 428-7 XML file formats
    • Pass-through of CC EIA 608/708
  • Master control
  • 4x DVE per playout server
  • Transitions: V-fade, X-fade, U-fade, Take & Fade and Fade & Take support
  • Audio files/outputs
    • Support for 16/24-bit PCM @ 48 kHz
    • File based VOs with 4 audio players
    • Single output audio expression from language tags
  • Traffic integration:
    • Native XML format
    • As-run logs in native XML format delivered to single external location
  • Media management:
    • External “pull” location: GV Playout Xpress will pull files from a single FTP/CIFS location in line with schedule requirements
    • Video Network Manager to manage pull requests and housekeeping through delete rules
    • Administration Station for metadata update
    • Automated replication of content across playout servers


  • Playout made easy: 4 channels deployed within a day!
  • Operational flexibility and efficiency: new & redesigned UI, optimized based on roles, allows operators to focus on what they do best, minimizing the risk of operational errors
  • Feature rich, resilient but yet affordable solution: peace of mind as GV Playout Xpress is brought to you by Grass Valley, the worldwide standard in playout which you can now afford


Please contact your authorized Grass Valley representative.



GV Playout Xpress

GV Playout Xpress is a compact but yet powerful integrated playout solution designed to simplify deployment and reduce time to market.

Grass Valley has created GV Playout Xpress, a new playout offering aimed at media organizations who want to keep playout quick, simple, yet powerful, and with the feature set and the reliability they’ve come to expect from the world leader in playout.

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