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ICE Advanced Graphics v4.0

In today’s highly-competitive, image-dominated media industry, media producers need to build strong brand recognition. Instead of adding an expensive third-party graphics device, use the built-in functionality in ICE to create stunning on-air effects.


Comparison of 2D and 3D Options
Feature 3D Graphics 2D Graphics Description
Import still images Yes Yes See supported formats section
Import still images with alpha Yes Yes See supported formats section
Import video files Yes Yes See supported formats section
Import video files with alpha Yes Yes See supported formats section
Import fonts Yes Yes True type font support as geometries and bitmaps
Import 3D objects Yes No Autodesk fbx (filmbox) support
Native editor space Yes – X,Y,Z Yes – X,Y Native coordinate system
Camera analogy Yes No No floating 3D camera in 2D version
Multiple viewports Yes No No floating 3D camera in 2D version
DVE Yes – 3D and 2D Yes – 2D Live manipulation of input video
Lights and lighting effects Yes No Infinite, spot and local lights
Material options Yes No Specularity, shininess
Node: Duplicate Yes No Object duplication for tables, forms and scoreboards
Node: FX Yes No Special effects including refractive glass, procedural
textures, shaders
Node: Warp Yes No Bending dynamic text and content around curved objects
Node: Clip planes Yes Yes 2D and 3D masking capabilities
Node: Clip plane soft edges Yes No Soft edged 2D and 3D masking capabilities
Node: Alpha Yes Yes Add transparency to objects
User code and extensions Yes No Add ruby script expressions to graphics for advanced functionality
Links Yes Yes Link dynamic properties of objects together
Methods per graphic Yes – unlimited Yes – limited to 2 Trigger animations from automation
Object nodes Yes – unlimited, user definable Yes – 1 preset Enables flexibility with transition logic
Run multiple graphics Yes – user definable Yes – 1 preset Transition logic between graphics.
Primitives (number) Yes – 16 Yes – 3 Common library of 2D and 3D shapes
Tickers Yes Yes Crawling text
Rollers Yes Yes Credit rolls
Audio Yes Yes Embedded audio can be faded up and down


Supported 2D file formats:
  • Grass Valley recommends PNG or TGA as these support alpha channel
Supported 3D file formats:
  • FBX, OBJ
  • These 3D formats have been widely adopted across the 3D graphics world allowing your creative teams to continue producing using the tools they are familiar with – such as 3DStudioMax or Maya


Supported video wrappers (embedded):
  • MOV, AVI, MXF, MP4
Supported video codecs (embedded):
  • WMV1/2/3, MPEG-4 pt2, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264, HuffyYUV, MJpeg, FLV, VC-1, DV25/50/100, YUV420/2 (raw)
Supported video formats (ICE source):
  • Plus an extensive list of codecs, as described in the ICE Technical Data Sheet
Supported resolutions:
  • PAL 4:3 – 720x576i25
  • PAL 16:9 – 720x576i25
  • NTSC 4:3 – 720x486i29.97
  • HD – 1280x720p50, 1280x720p59.94, 1920x1080i25, 1920x1080i29.97


Advanced Graphics Option for ICE

This includes upgrading the ICE GPU hardware.
ICE-3DGFX-RND – 3D Graphics
ICE-2DGFX-RND – 2D Graphics

Graphics Editor
Does not include PC hardware
ICE-3DGFX-EDT – 3D Graphics
ICE-2DGFX-EDT – 2D Graphics

Graphics Preview
ICE-3DGFX-PVW – For an additional preview system without edit capability. Does not include PC hardware.

Media Watcher
ICE-MEDIA-WAT – Monitors text data sources and cleanly updates the on air system. Read data from a range of sources, eg CSV, RSS feeds, XLS

ICEREPOSIT – Controls project distribution to multiple playout devices.



ICE: Flexible, Scalable, Reliable Integrated Playout Solution Datasheet

In today's market, you're likely to be under pressure to reduce the cost and complexity of your operations while finding new ways to increase revenue and protect business continuity.

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