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Kahuna 9600

Production Switcher with Up to 24 M/Es and 48 Keyers

Suited for larger scale 4K UHD and 1080p environments, Kahuna 9600 supports the most complex productions including multiple studio operations. The Kahuna 9600 provides up to 24 M/Es, 48 keyers and 72 key layers, which can be shared across multiple studios. Along with the advanced 3D DVE, the Kahuna 9600 features new 2.5D resize engines, giving more power at the M/E level.  Powered by Grass Valley innovation, Kahuna 9600 has a feature set that has never been possible until now and offers a completely scalable path to all functionality and format requirements. For sporting events, light entertainment shows, news production and presentations — either in the studio control room, mobile vehicle...


  • Up to 6 full M/Es
  • Make M/E for creating up to 24 M/Es for main or aux outputs
  • Every M/E has 8 keyers per M/E regardless of format
    • SuperKeyers with linear, luminance, chroma key
    • 8 resize engines with 2.5D DVE manipulation
    • eKeys with linear, luminance and chroma key
  • Up to 120 inputs (upgrade in groups of 12)
  • Up to 64 fully assignable outputs (upgrade in groups of 16)
  • Internal multiviewer
  • FormatFusion3 and FormatFusion4
    available on all inputs and outputs
  • 3D DVE suite of effects with flexible combiners
  • Large internal ClipStore with 20 outputs supporting 16 minutes of uncompressed HD video
  • RGB color correction available on all inputs and outputs
  • Programmable outputs
  • Large external integration capacity with third-party equipment such as servers, routers, multiviewers, audio mixers, robotic cameras and graphics devices
  • Supports fiber inputs and outputs
  • Controlled with Kahuna Maverik panel or Kula Panels
  • MSP K-Manager Pro application software also available
  • FormatFusion4 technology bringing seamless HDR/SDR capabilities to all inputs and output
  • 3D LUT translator allowing custom HDR 3D LUTS to be easily handled


TV Standards

2.97 Gb/s Video Standards (1080p)
  • 1080p60 SMPTE ST 424
  • 1080p60 SMPTE ST 425/Level A
  • 1080p60 SMPTE ST 425/Level B
  • 1080p59.94 SMPTE ST 424
  • 1080p59.94 SMPTE ST 425/Level A
  • 1080p59.94 SMPTE ST 425/Level B
  • 1080p50 SMPTE ST 424
  • 1080p50 SMPTE ST 425/Level A
  • 1080p50 SMPTE ST 425/Level B
1.485 Gb/s Video Standards (HD)
  • 1080i60 SMPTE ST 274(4), SMPTE ST 292(D)
  • 1080i59.94 SMPTE ST 274(5), SMPTE ST 292(E)
  • 1080i50 SMPTE ST 274(6), SMPTE ST 292(F)
  • 1035i60 SMPTE ST 260,SMPTE ST 292(A)
  • 1035i59.94 SMPTE ST 260, SMPTE ST 292(B)
  • 1080PsF30
  • 1080PsF29.97
  • 1080PsF25
  • 1080PsF24
  • 1080PsF23.976
  • 1080p30 SMPTE ST 274(7), SMPTE ST 292(G)
  • 1080p29.97 SMPTE ST 274(8), SMPTE ST 292(H)
  • 1080p25 SMPTE ST 274(9) SMPTE ST 292(I)
  • 1080p24 SMPTE ST 274(10), SMPTE ST 292(J)
  • 1080p23.976 SMPTE ST 274(11), SMPTE ST 292(K)
  • 720p60 SMPTE ST 296(1), SMPTE ST 292(L)
  • 720p59.94 SMPTE ST 296(2), SMPTE ST 292(M)
  • 720p50 SMPTE ST 296(2), SMPTE ST 292(M)
270 Mb/s Video Standards (SD)
  • 576i 16:9
  • 576i 4:3
  • 480i 16:9
  • 480i 4:3


Analog genlock high-definition tri-level sync signal or SD 1V blackburst


Video Signal Inputs

Up to 120, HD/SD-SDI: Grouped in 12 off SD/HD/1080p (270 Mb/s / 1.485 Gb/s / 2.97 Gb/s)

Serial digital interface: As REC601/ SMPTE ST 292/SMPTE ST 424 via BNC connectors. Genlock reference 4 off analog sync (loop A and B through)

Video Signal Outputs

Up to 64 HD/SD-SDI: Grouped in 16 off, programmable via BNC connectors.

2 independent sync O/P: With adjustable phase off set per reference board (4 in total).

Control Interfaces

120 tally/GPO outputs:

  • Isolated contact closures via 25-way D-type (12 per input board)
  • 96 GPI TTL-level I/P
  • Via 25-way D-type connectors (2 x 48) per reference fin

120 GPO tally/GPO O/P: Isolated contact closures via 25-way D-type (12 per input board)

16 10/100/1000base-T: With additional XLR security

RJ45 Ethernet connectors fixings (2 x 8) per network board

12 RS-422 control ports: (2 x 6) per RTR card

2x USB


Kahuna Frame:

Auto sensing 100-250 VAC power supply 50/60 Hz nominal. Two fully independent hot swappable PSU modules, with separate mains power feeds via 2 x 16A IEC-C20 socket. Dual redundant requires two more fully independent PSU modules; with separate mains power feeds via 2x 16A IEC socket

3 kW maximum with all power consumption options fitted

Temp range:

5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F) noncondensing operating


11 RU    
Height: 488 mm (19.21 in.)
Depth: 647 mm (25.57 in.)
Weight: 70 kg (154.3 lbs.)
18 input/output and control slots
10x 12 input board slots
4x 16 output board slots
2x control board slots
Front fitting processing PCBs & PSUs


Base Frames with Options
Frame Kahuna 9600M
Frame Order Code KAH-FRM-9600-3ME

Optional MXS or DVE Slot License (does not include additional MXS or DVE boards)
Additional MXS boards capable of 1 full M/E (add up to 3) KAH-MXS-1ME
plus required Slot license

Additional 3D DVE Effects board capable of 2 or 4 channels of 3D DVE
plus required Slot license
plus required Slot license


  • RGB input and output color correction
  • Programmable outputs
  • External control
  • Redundant frame power supplies
  • Internal multiviewer
  • 64 GB ClipStore
Frame Options
M/Es of
(all inputs)
Order Code   Outputs
Order Code


Inputs (10 max. for 120 inputs, any combination)

Input (SDI) 

KAH-INPUT-SDI SD/HD/3G-SDI input fin. Supports 12 inputs

KAH-INPUT-SDI-12G 4K UHD 12G-SDI input fin. Supports 3x12 Gb/s inputs

Inputs (IP)

KAH-INPUT-IP-50G 50 GbE IP input fin. Supports 12 inputs: SMPTE ST 2110, 2022-6/7, TR-03 + VC-2

Output Fins (4 max. for 64 outputs, any combination)

Outputs (SDI)

KAH-OUTPUT-SDI SD/HD/3G-SDI output fin. Supports 16 outputs

KAH-OUTPUT-SDI-12G 4K UHD 12G output fin. Supports 4x12 Gb/s outputs

Outputs (IP)

KAH-OUTPUT-IP-50G 50 GbE IP output fin. Supports 12 outputs: SMPTE ST 2110, 2022-6/7, TR-03 + VC-2

Other Options

KAH-UPG-3DDVE-3CH Upgrade DVE to 3 channels

Upgrade DVE to 4 channels

Camera interface

Audio mixer interface

News production interface


20 output ClipStore – 128 GB for RTR2B

Application Software

MSP-LIC-1ME-SW MSP license for control of Kahuna 9600 and 6400 frames with the 1 M/E soft panel GUI on a customer supplied PC

K-MGR-PRO-SW K-Manager PRO software application that enables FTP transfer to Kahuna frames

KAH-LIC-3DLUT-XLTR 3D LUT Translator for Kahuna

FormatFusion4 Order Codes and Upgrades
Input FormatFusion3 Upgrade to FormatFusion4 with HDR Order Code
6 M/E FormatFusion3 to FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-6ME
5 M/E FormatFusion3 to FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-5ME
4 M/E FormatFusion3 to FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-4ME
3 M/E FormatFusion3 to FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-3ME

Input FormatFusion4 with HDR

Order Code
6 M/E FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-6ME
5 M/E FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-5ME
4 M/E FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-4ME
3 M/E FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-3ME

Output FormatFusion3 Upgrade to FormatFusion4 with HDR

Order Code
16 O/Ps FormatFusion3 to 16 O/Ps FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-OUT-16
32 O/Ps FormatFusion3 to 32 O/Ps FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-OUT-32
48 O/Ps FormatFusion3 to 48 O/Ps FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-OUT-48
64 O/Ps FormatFusion3 to 64 O/Ps FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-UPG-FF4-OUT-64

Output FormatFusion4 with HDR

Order Code
16 Output FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-OUT-16
32 Output FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-OUT-32
48 Output FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-OUT-48
64 Output FormatFusion4 with HDR KAH-LIC-FF4-OUT-64



Kahuna Production Family Datasheet

With a worldwide heritage in live production switchers — from designing the first true multiformat switcher to the creative power and flexibility of switchers that offer all formats from SD to 4K UHD, and connectivity allowing you to mix traditional SDI and IP — Grass Valley brings you the Kahuna family of production switchers.



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