RCP-200 Densité Remote Control Panel

Advanced Remote Control Panel for Densité Cards, Kaleido Multiviewers and NVISION/Third-Party Routing Switchers

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RCP-200 Densité Remote Control Panel Insights & Highlights
Using the RCP-200 For Fast Control
Advanced Control for Multiple Users
The RCP-200 Can Be Used to Control a Variety of Devices For Both Large and Small Installations

Using the RCP-200 For Fast Control

The left pane of the control panel provides navigation views to guide the user efficiently through multiple Densité cards, routers or multiviewers. It offers three different
ways for accessing a card: the List View, the Group View and the Router View.


The List View
  • Cards under control are clearly visible from the list
  • Each column can be sorted up or down by touching the title zone
  • Filters can be applied recursively to accelerate card selection
  • Controllable devices filtering can be enabled to speed up navigation and declutter the navigation screen

The Groups View
  • Containers can be created to help organize equipment pool following user’s own logic
  • Cards can also be mixed with containers in any Groups view
  • Button illumination adapts dynamically according to control options

Advanced Control for Multiple Users

The Router View
  • Prefixes are used in a Router navigation mode to group similar types of equipment or locations within an installation
  • Intuitive numeric keypad guides the user through the process of inputting a numeral by highlighting the valid entries as they type
This view can be used to select devices or to control routers. When router control mode is enabled, this view also gives direct
access to 4 user defined destination buses through 4 soft keys.


The Control View
Once a card has been selected using one of the navigator views, the controls for this card are presented on the right LCD screen using the Control View.
  • Controls are grouped by categories and pages for quick access to a specific parameter
  • Binary selections can be toggled simply by pressing on the associated control knob
  • Knobs can be used to select an item from a list of possible choices
  • Tabs are used to select pages within a category
  • Various monitoring zones are provided to help the user monitor the impact of an adjustment
  • Analog type of control with intuitive turn-knob operation and direct entry box
  • Vertical sliders with color coding visually informs the user when a parameter is out of the comfort zone. This information can be relayed to upper levels for quick identification and access to these parameters

The RCP-200 Can Be Used to Control a Variety of Devices For Both Large and Small Installations

Application 1: Router and Densité Cards control through iControl application server (large facility)

  • More cost-effective for larger installation
  • Enables advanced functionalities provided by application server — such as proxy streaming
  • Concentrates control of routers and Densité cards onto applications server, therefore limiting network traffic and allowing shared access to common resources
  • Permits other types of client applications to access resources — such as iCWeb, iNavigator or Matrix — for alternate workflows
Note: Direct Multiviewer control is available on RCP-200 without requiring RCP-200-OPT-DC option.


Required Ordering Items
  • RCP-200


Application 2: Direct Densité cards, router and multiviewer control
  • Simple installation
  • Direct control of multiviewer operations
  • Direct control of most Densité cards
  • Direct control of several types of routers
  • Ideal for limited-space applications, such as production trucks
  • Replaces most RCP-2 control panel functionalities

Required Ordering Items
  • RCP-200-DC