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    The SCO-1421 is a 2x1 intelligent ASI change-over with built-in MPEG-TS probing. Change-overs are performed electronically by the SCO-1421's internal router. In the event of a power failure, the signal is protected by relays fitted on the rear module, maintaining the integrity of the selected signal at the output. Input selection can be performed automatically or manually. In automatic mode, the card will perform smart input selection based on rules set on signal quality. In manual input selection mode, channel selection can be undertaken from the Densité controller or the iControl software, or simply by using a GPI. A GPI can be connected to an automation system or any simple GPI control panel. The GPI outputs give status of the selected source allowing tallies to be triggered. The card comes with sync-loss free switching that will prevent sync loss or sync drop errors upon switching.