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KudosPro UHD1200

12G UHD Video & Audio Processors

The KudosPro UHD1200 is a flexible 12G or quad-link 4K UHD processing unit including HDR and wide color gamut mapping, along with converting to or from 4K UHD and HDR/SDR. Such advanced processing allows re-purposing of existing or new assets, as well as covering all common video and audio processing tasks.


  • SD/HD/3G/4K UHD up/down/crossconversion with clean cut feature
  • Frame synchronization including continuous output on input standard changes
  • HDR (PQ, HLG, S-Log3) scene-referred and display-referred conversions with BT2020 wide color gamut support
  • 3D user LUT loading with full support for BBC type I,II & III 1.4 version LUTs
  • Linear motion adaptive frame rate conversion for all supported standards, including UHD–UHD along with video processing and powerful picture enhancement tools, edge enhance and noise reduction
  • 16-channel embedded audio processing and PCM/Dolby channel-based audio delay compensation
  • Metadata support including closed caption, WST, timecode, SMPTE ST 2020 handling and an ancillary data bridge to allow transfer of up to seven different ANC packet types around the converter
  • Easy to use control options including front panel with control lock, and remote via web interface and RollCall
  • Automatic aspect ratio conversion with signaling support (SMPTE ST 2016, L23 ETSI, L23 AFD, VI SMPTE, VI AFD)
  • Balanced AES and analog audio I/O
  • Support for fiber Tx and Rx via SFP
  • Dual PSU as standard


  • Repurpose existing HD content — upconvert for distribution over 4K UHD channels
  • Service existing HD channels — downconvert 4K UHD content for simulcast on mainstream HD services
  • Integrate HDR (PQ, HLG, S-Log3) signals into SDR workflows, translate between HDR standards, or map SDR signals for use in HDR productions
  • Cover color space requirements with BT709 and BT2020 translation features
  • 4K UHD signal processing — synchronize, adjust and enhance, or process audio with the UHD1200's comprehensive control features



UHD1200 Single-channel 4K UHD-1 video & audio processing unit with 12G SDI (BNC or fiber), AES and analog audio I/O, remote or front panel control and dual PSUs.

SFP Option 1/2

FC1-13TR: Transceiver 1310 nm/Rx

FC1-13T1: Single 1310 nm Tx

FC1-13T2: Dual 1310 nm Tx

FC1-R1: Single Rx

FC1-R2: Dual Rx



FC1-HDMI2: HDMI 1.4 Tx


CWDM Tx wavelengths available on request

Additional 12G-Compatible SFPs for SFP Option 3/4

FC1-R2-12G : 2x 12G Fiber Rx 

FC1-HDBR2-12 : 2x Rx HD-BNC – 12G 

FC1-13T2-12G : 2x 12G Fiber Tx 

FC1-HDBT2-12 : 2x Tx HD-BNC – 12G 

Note: Fiber SFP type must be ordered in addition to the unit.



KudosPro & KudosPro-IQ

KudosPro is the next-generation audio and video processing platform from Grass Valley, delivering high-quality audio and video signal processing in a compact, affordable, format-flexible package. KudosPro is the ideal solution for broadcasters, news agencies, and content providers needing to consider cost and space issues, while also ensuring high-quality content for domestic and international audiences. Redundant power supplies in all models, plus comprehensive support means all KudosPro ranges work for your business, and keep working for your business.



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