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Advanced HD/SD Graphics Processor

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Vertigo XG Insights & Highlights
High Quality HD/SD Character Generation
Multilevel Clip, Animation and Still Playout
Boost Audience Engagement & Sponsorship Revenues with Twitter Television Graphics*

High Quality HD/SD Character Generation

Multilevel Character Generation
A powerful, HD/SD character generator allows the playout of virtually unlimited
layers of animated text and dynamically updated text with the following features:
  • Wide range of text effects including outlines, drop shadows and gradient fills
  • TrueType and Unicode character support for high quality display of Latin and non-Latin text
  • Text can be transitioned onto the screen by fades, slides, wipes and many other 2D and 3D effects
  • Full control of the speed of each crawl layer
  • Looping and single pass crawls

Effective Data Interfacing
When combined with the Vertigo Suite applications, Vertigo XG offers the most advanced data-interfacing capabilities for multiple applications, including sports, weather, elections and channel promotions:
  • Interfacing to Microsoft Excel files, XML, RSS feeds, web data, and multiple databases, including MS-Access, MS-SQL, Oracle and all ODBC-compliant databases
  • Interfacing to proprietary data feeds, including Reuters, AP, SportsTicker, and Bloomberg

Emergency Alert Graphics
High quality EAS text and audio can be played out with the Vertigo XG processor, using templates which integrate channel branding graphics for a consistent on-air

Multilevel Clip, Animation and Still Playout

Multilevel Clip, Animation and Still Playout

Vertigo XG provides all the playout capabilities needed for the most advanced branding and promotional graphics:


Multiformat Clip Player
The video/audio clip player can output multiple clips simultaneously, and features storage for up to 400 hours of clips in multiple formats. Ideal for playout of full screen or partial screen clips.

Clip Player supports the following formats:

  • Extension: (.mpg, .mpeg)
  • Codec: MPEG-2 (IBP or I-Frame)
  • Recommended bitrates:
    • SD:9 Mb/s
    • HD 1080i: 19-25 Mb/s
  • Maximum bitrate: 50 Mb/s
  • Chroma subsampling: 4:2:2
  • Audio codec: MPEG Audio Layer 2/Layer 3/AAC (16-bit, 48 Khz)
  • Audio tracks: Single
  • Audio channels: Stereo
Note: MXF-wrapped MPEG-2 is also supported, as long as the MPEG-2 clip meets the requirements listed above. Note that in MXF, only PCM (uncompressed) or AIFF audio is supported.

A proprietary optimized format for the playout of motion graphics or clips with alpha on Vertigo XG and Intuition XG devices. Cell animations and .MOV (with alpha) is converted to the VAF format on ingest. Transcoding to VAF can only take place if the file has the following characteristics:

  • An animation codec
  • Single track multichannel audio (24-bit, 48 Khz)

Clip Storage with Different Storage Options (hours)
Mb/s 1 TB 2 TB
 10 200 400
 50  40  80
 100  20  40

Sophisticated Animation Controls
Advanced animation and still playout capabilities include:
  • Virtually unlimited layers of animations and still graphics
  • Independent control of each virtual layer
  • Expandable graphics storage of up to 1,800 GB using hot-swappable drives
  • Rapid loading of graphics over high speed Ethernet (10/100/1000baseT)
  • Keyframe animation editor and timeline for real-time animation playback, including the following animation types: ping-pong, single shot, in-loop-out, multiple loop with loop delay
  • Animations can be cut or faded to air, and can be moved to create slide transitions and they can also be used for reveal transitions
  • Graphics can be controlled by "business logic" to reflect data , using Vertigo Suite applications

Complex, Dual Channel DVE Transitions
  • A high quality, dual channel DVE is ideal for the full breadth of channel branding and promotional transitions
  • DVE effects include triple axis rotation, and many pre-defined 2D and 3D transition effects
  • Easy configuration of picture-in-picture and squeeze and reveal type transitions using Vertigo Suite applications or Branding Panel

Boost Audience Engagement & Sponsorship Revenues with Twitter Television Graphics*

Now you can boost your audience engagement and retention, while also increasing sponsorship revenues, using Twitter television graphics. By highlighting Tweets from presenters and viewers plus Twitter accounts on-air, you can deliver a highly interactive viewer experience.
These social media graphics are easy to deploy, and they create multiple new sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, this social networking requires minimal staffing due to the smart workflows offered by the Grass Valley and Quest graphics solution.
The new solution is designed for local stations and national broadcasters in the U.S., and represents a tight integration of the Grass Valley Vertigo XG graphics processor and Quest’s Q-Live Twitter social media application.

This system can be used by television presenters to drive live communications with viewers, and it simplifies the tasks of accepting, censoring, and queuing viewers’ Tweets. These Tweets can then be manually or automatically displayed on-air.
Templates for rich and highly animated, social media and channel branding graphics can be quickly prepared, with full integration across Vertigo Suite graphics automation tools and Quest’s software solutions for local stations. The system allows the full mix of channel branding and promotional graphics to be played out, including lower thirds, junctions, and schedule boards.
Our solution can be readily expanded with Grass Valley Vertigo Suite graphics workflow tools and Quest’s graphics applications (see
*Only available in the U.S.


Watch our Twitter graphics system in action at WNBC at