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    The Viper product family line is a portable transmission system consisting of two identical end units, linked by fiber optic cable and designed to transport a variety of broadcast production signals bidirectionally between two locations. Viper addresses the diverse needs of users ranging from news networks to sports coverage and even 4K UHD production. Viper simplifies preshow preparation as a plug-and-play device with the added ability to be rack mounted or used as a standalone chassis.

    The Viper XL system can simultaneously support up to eight 3G cameras with related audio and control data signals while also providing multichannel intercom capability and 100/1Gig Ethernet connectivity. The larger Viper XXL comes in a 14 RU JBT (junction box terminal) enclosure, including a 48-port network switch and spacing for breakout cable panels. It is designed for outdoor installation — mounted around the venue, feeding back to and from the production truck dock.