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    The XVP-1801-SD is a dual standard (525/625) aspect ratio converter (ARC) and frame synchronizer with high quality video processing, using advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing. It is designed for use in facilities where 4:3 and 16:9 formats reside and conversion from one to the other is required. The converter features a second input which can be used as a background input to replace the black bars that would normally be there during a side panel or letterbox conversion. The ARC function offers fixed presets as well as variable user configurable aspect ratios. The support of AFD (Active Format Description) SMPTE-2016, VLI (Video Line Index) RP-186 and WSS allows the card to adjust its ARC automatically without any external intervention. The XVP-1801-SD will re-insert on the output signal the proper AFD, VLI or WSS along with HANC and VANC information found on the input.