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GV AMPP Platform

Designed specifically to meet the response and accuracy requirements of live streaming media and entertainment, AMPP is Grass Valley’s scalable SaaS platform of agile management tools, cloud-based elastic platform services and intelligent media technologies that combine into solutions that mirror broadcast workflows where and when they are needed.

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  • Scalable to as many instances as required without upfront buildout
  • Located on any combination of public and private cloud services
  • Flexible, elastic I/O with access to any source on the AMPP fabric
  • Cloud hosted replay without sacrifice on responsiveness and accuracy
  • Operator experience remains the same regardless of distance from the processing
  • Operators may connect using typical residential internet
  • Frame-accurate for live production
  • Fully compatible with connected control surfaces and applications
  • Intuitive software solutions



Five Core TechnologiesGV AMPP's architecture is based on five core technologies and 17 patented advancements

  • GV Intelligent Media Fabric: Unique management for distribution of digital media (video, images, audio and metadata).
  • GV Intelligent Media Connect: Unique management for connections between devices that distribute and process digital media (video, images, audio and metadata).
  • GV Intelligent Media Timing: Unique management for the timing of digital media (video, images, audio and metadata).
  • GV Intelligent Media Identity: Unique management the identity of connected devices that process and distribute digital media (video, images, audio and metadata) and manage the identity of the digital media (video, images, audio and metadata) itself.
  • GV Intelligent Media Streams: Unique management for processing digital media (video, images, audio and metadata) based on the media, itself.


RIST logoUnique Software Media Processing Boosts AMPP Platform Capabilities

An extensive set of microservices and our latest software processing tools enable GV AMPP applications, file-based workflows, and streaming in real time and non-real time. The virtualization and cloud-friendly core services allow for the fastest and lowest latency on the market.

Low-Latency Cloud Streaming and Monitoring

Global low-latency streaming and the ability to always choose the right mechanism is a core function of GV AMPP. Low latency is enabled with H.264, HEVC, AAC or OPUS at any bitrate with configurable FEC and support for RIST and SRT.



  • Data plane may be hosted on
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Video CODECs:
    • AVC / H.264: 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, 8 and 10 bit
    • HEVC / H.265: 4:2:0 8 bit
    • 264, H.265
  • Audio CODECs:
    • AAC
    • Opus
  • WAN/LAN Transport Protocols
    • AMPP Streaming
    • NDI
    • RIST Basic and Main Profile
    • RTMP(S)
    • SMPTE ST 2022-2 / MPEG-TS

  • Encryption and protection
    • DTLS-SRTP encryption
    • Flex-FEC
  • Automation
    • SCTE-104 and SCTE-35
  • Security
    • Conforms to the best IT practices of a representational state transfer (REST) architecture.
    • IP streaming in AMPP may be encrypted when applicable.
    • AMPP authentication is handled through an Identity Service which can optionally delegate authentication to a third-party server (e.g. OKTA)
    • To ensure strict security standards are maintained, Grass Valley also regularly conducts third-party penetration testing.

Player and Recorder File Formats
Codec File Format Resolution Clip Player Recorder
  .MOV, .GXF, .LXF   X  
  .MOV, .GXF, .LXF   X  
  .MOV, .GXF, .LXF   X X
MPEG2 Program Stream .MPG, .MPEG SD/HD X X
MPEG2 Transport Stream .M2TS, .TS SD/HD X X
MXF AVC Intra & Long GOG .MXF, .GXF, .LXF HD/UHD X only MXF (OP1A)
DV (DV25) .MOV, .MXF, .GXF, .LXF SD X only MOV and MXF (OP1A)
DVCPro .MOV, .MXF, .GXF, .LXF SD X only MOV and MXF (OP1A)
DVCProHD (50/100) .MOV, .MXF, .GXF, .LXF HD X only MOV and MXF (OP1A)
H.264 .MP4, .MOV SD/HD/UHD X X
H.265 .MP4, .MOV SD/HD/UHD X X
ProRes (all profiles and resolutions) .MOV SD/HD/UHD X X
ProRes 4:4:4:4 plus Alpha .MOV HD/UHD X X
QuickTime Animation .MOV SD/HD X  



GV AMPP comes with GV.UI, an intuitive user interface that can host multiple HTML-5 web components for an at-a-glance view of all your GV AMPP applications. Easily define and build your own interface and then create, load and save different layouts suited for any production and user. Depending on your screen size, you can add a multiviewer next to your master control switcher, add several clip players or simply just have one GV AMPP application running on a small display.


Visually monitor all your applications and flows in an AMPP fabric at a glance. Your entire AMPP account can be made visible and thumbnails allow advanced monitoring funcitonality of all flows and applications in your account.

  • Edit, start and stop workloads
  • View all your workloads and flows at a glance
  • Bulk select for edit, start and stop


Easy-to-use analysis in the AMPP Billing Portal makes it simple to understand and account for how AMPP workflows are used. Going well beyond a basic list of workloads and run times, authorized users can access a variety of methods for analyzing usage data for any given period.

  • Tagged workflows make regularly used reports even simpler to identify
  • Export data as a CSV file for use in other tools


The AMPP Heath Dashboard provides an overview of all workloads in an account and their health state at-a-glance. Workloads are grouped to provide a systemized overview that may be filtered on specific application groups and status.

  • View the state of all your workloads at once
  • Heart button filters critical status workloads
  • Variety of filters for different views can be applied


The AMPP Log Viewer provides detailed logs to all actions in an account. Warnings can be filtered and verified in detail.

  • Detailed logging of all actions
  • Easy identification of fabrics
  • Extensive filter menu


Create, start, stop, update and configure all applications of your AMPP account. Select where you want a workload to run. Store configurations in snapshots for recurring productions.

  • View all workloads, nodes and and snaphots at a glance
  • Add, delete, Start, stop and configure applications.
  • Select to automatically update or stay on a specific version
  • Create snapshots and tags


Automatically detect all available running signals and route them to their destination. AMPP enables local routing on a node and global routing between multiple nodes in an AMPP fabric. Set up GV AMPP Routing Panels with a single click for easy changes to the view you want to see.

  • View any format on your router panel at the same time.
  • Route local or global routes through the Skyrouter across your fabric.
  • Any to any routing across the fabric


The AMPP System Manager sets the video resolution for an AMPP account and configures the STUN and TURN servers for coordination of communication across the system and fabrics.

  • Video format configuration
  • Easy latency configuration for the system
  • STUN and TURN server settings


The AMPP Test Signal Generator comes with a variety of test signal parameters enabling testing across the entire fabric. A Preview panel that displays the output stream as periodically updated thumbnails of the video stream.

  • Generate:
    • Color bars, solid colors
    • Tone
    • Sync signals
  • Identity editor





The first cloud-based SaaS platform for broadcast to fully leverage the power of elastic compute.

Grass Valley's GV AMPP, the Agile Media Processing Platform, is the first cloud-based SaaS platform for broadcast to fully leverage the power of elastic compute. Built for the cloud from the start, GV AMPP is specifically designed to overcome broadcasters' long-time reliance on costly and inflexible hardware-based media systems. Using nothing more than a browser on a laptop, this revolutionary platform empowers you with unprecedented flexibility to spin up or spin down applications as needed — and to only pay for the services you use — even in traditionally costly live production environments.



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