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Cloud Financial Models

How does the financial model for cloud-based media production compare with traditional methods?

At some point — usually early — in any conversation about adopting new technology, the question arises: “How is this going to impact the bottom line?” Adopting cloud-based media production models is no exception. In many instances, technology has outpaced the development of commercial models, so it’s an important topic. Let’s take a look at how the return on investment can change when content is created using a SaaS workflow in the cloud.

ROI is used to measure the value of an investment over a period of time.

There are just three basic ways to improve it:

Decrease costs — the cash sacrificed for goods and services that provide benefits to an organization.

Decrease assets — the economic resources that are owned or controlled by an organization.

Increase revenue — the income generated by the sale of goods or services related to the organization's primary operations.

Cloud computing can help you achieve any of these improvements. Note that it is the relationship between the factors that is important in your business strategy, rather than the absolute values. Changes in each of these factors can improve or worsen ROI depending on how it affects your revenue and speed of return on your assets. It is the wider impact of these technology decisions that determine their value to the business.

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