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Increase operational efficiency with the GV Alliance

Written by:
Chris Merrill, Director of Strategic Marketing

“We must increase operational efficiency.” Talk to any Media & Entertainment company executive for very long and you’ll likely hear that statement. In a new survey commissioned by online video platform JW Player, 84% of industry leaders stated that their top business priority for 2023 was to improve operational efficiency.

Between rising costs, a drop in revenues, and a shrinking workforce, many are facing the squeeze of having to do more with less.

Some media organizations attempt to simplify operations by selecting point products from multiple vendors to build workflow solutions. Unfortunately, this just shifts the complexity of the work from one team to another.

Cherry-picking and its challenges

“Cherry-picking” point products places a huge burden on engineering to integrate each of those products into the workflow. This often leads to unnecessary costs due to extra time, workarounds, “glue” intermediaries, and duplicated R&D.

What if a best-of-breed solution could be built using multiple vendors without requiring complex integration and maintaining a consistent user experience throughout?

AMPP + GV Alliance solutions to the rescue!

By providing a common platform and user interface, AMPP manages the infrastructure for all applications running on the platform – both on-prem and cloud elements –, so that there is no difference in operation for the content creator.

AMPP enables control of the entire workflow, regardless of the original vendor, all through a single user interface. This makes it easy to spin applications up and down as required. And because AMPP runs on any infrastructure, there is no concern about being “locked in” to a particular method of production.

The beauty and ease of use of AMPP comes from its open nature. By design, AMPP connects hardware, software, and cloud-native services as a foundation for media production and distribution application suites that cover everything from ingest to playout. But these suites are not limited to Grass Valley products. The complementary hardware or software components for solutions that run on AMPP are provided by a group of industry vendors working together, namely, the Grass Valley Alliance.

GV Alliance: An open digital community

AMPP’s fully-tested, integrated solutions provided by the Grass Valley Alliance enable the industry to create innovative, high-performing media workflows running on-prem and in the cloud. The alliance is an open digital community committed to providing a range of certified solutions that media creators and distributors can buy with confidence.

Offering functionality well beyond what any single vendor can provide, the combined solution portfolio of the Grass Valley Alliance includes the features media organizations need to complete their production or distribution workflows.

By providing a common platform, AMPP makes it easy for Alliance members to save time and money in bringing solutions to market without having to duplicate the extensive development made available to them through the platform. This allows them to focus their resources on expanding the capabilities of their specific application.

With solutions from the Grass Valley Alliance, media organizations can increase operational efficiency by choosing the vendor that works best for their team. They are also able to eliminate the expenses and frustration that comes from integrating technologies from different vendors into workflows.

The Grass Valley Alliance is a growing organization of more than thirty industry members. It is actively recruiting additional members who share its goal of simplifying production workflows for the media industry. Find out more about the Grass Valley Alliance.