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Case Studies

Case Study

Integrated Graphics Control Technical Brief

Tightly integrated graphics are a critical story-telling element in any video production. Some elements, such as a lower-third can be added whenever it seems visually appropriate. Other elements, such as a pre-produced title sequence or a bumper that introduces the rest of the show must be coordinated down to the frame to avoid on-screen errors.

In a typical production workflow, bringing graphics layers into the switcher for compositing involves multiple steps. This workflow introduces unnecessary delays in your production as the switcher must wait for the graphic, which hinders the Director’s decision to take it to air.

IGC solves this problem by placing graphics control within your K-Frame Switcher UI. Now, ChyronHego graphics for broadcast and stadium fan engagement are literally within an arm’s length of your TD. A ChyronHego logo, positioned within the K-Frame UI, provides fast visual identification and pinpoints the graphics solution under switcher control.

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