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NAB 2017: SAM responds to market demand with 12G-SDI UHD support across a wide range of products

Newbury, April 23, 2017 - At NAB 2017 (Booth#: SL1805), Snell Advanced Media (SAM) will demonstrate support for 12G SDI, providing customers with a greater choice in making their transition to 4K/UHD live production. 12G-SDI capability has now been added to a range of products, providing everything customers need to integrate 12G-SDI in to their production workflow, from production switchers to routers, master control, servers and converters through to distribution amplifiers and monitoring solutions.

In response to clear demand from the market, SAM now offers a straightforward alternative to UHD migration that overcomes operational fears surrounding IP systems. In a live production environment, where additional complexity may mean additional production staff, and therefore the additional cost and benefits of IP is not necessarily clear for all businesses.

In the OB, flyaway and rental sector, SDI is a very well-known and understood technology. 12G-SDI can handle UHD signals on a single coax cable, delivering greater efficiency with known and understood operational practices.

Among the products now supporting 12G are SAM’s Kula and Kahuna production switchers, Masterpiece master control switcher and Multiviewer monitoring solutions.

Products supporting 12G-SDI:

  • Kahuna production switcher range
  • Sirius multi-format router range
  • Masterpiece Master Control Switcher
  • IQ Modular infrastructure cards
  • Kula Production Switcher
  • New Multiviewer offering 48 inputs to 12 outputs
  • KudosPro UHD 1000 convertors
  • New SL Media Server

Robert Szabo-Rowe, EVP and General Manager Live Production and Infrastructure, SAM commented, “SAM’s strategy is very much focused on helping our customers to grow and futureproof their business in the way that suits them. As well as offering IP support up to and including 4K/UHD, SAM is providing an alternative that suits the particular business needs of any sized broadcaster or OB company. What we’re showing is just the beginning; SAM will continue to build 12G-SDI products to give our customers even more choice and functionality as they migrate to higher resolution production.”



Bénédicte Fauveau

Media Relations Specialist