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Tencent Video Upgrades to Glass-to-Glass 4K/IP Solution for Improved Live and Sports Broadcasting

The company's OB truck now features an integrated network of Grass Valley solutions for live production, networking and content delivery

MONTREAL, October 25, 2017 — To expand beyond digital video and into live production, Tencent Video required solution upgrades to meet its new content creation needs. From cameras to switchers to processors, servers and more, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, outfitted Tencent Video's outside broadcast truck with all the IP and 4K-capable solutions the company will need to succeed in creating enhanced live and sports programming. The new production system starts with LDX 86N Series cameras to capture high-quality images in multiple formats; the Kayenne K-Frame Video Production Center and GV Korona K-Frame V-series switchers for integrated content production; GV Node IP Processing and Routing Platform, GV Convergent IP/SDI Router Control System and IPG-3901 SDI/IP Gateway to process and route content; and T2 audio/video playout center for content distribution.

"The type and quality of content our viewers expect is changing, and utilizing solutions that are ready to handle new formats and channels is critical to keeping up with competitors," said David Zhao, team manager, Tencent Video. "Though we brought in an entire system of new solutions at once, the high-level integration between Grass Valley's solutions, intuitive user interfaces and innovative features made for easy operation from the start."

Using LDX 86N cameras, Tencent Video can capture razor-sharp live images with vivid colors and very low noise. All LDX 86N series cameras feature native 4K UHD CMOS imagers that provide outstanding dynamic range performance and the unique DPMULTRA technology that provides alternative switching to native HD pixels for global shutter operation. The LDX 86N also offers the highest sensitivity in single speed as well as in high-speed operation, providing production flexibility for all Tencent video content.

Both the Kayenne K-Frame and GV Korona K-Frame V-Series switchers offer multiformat support including 1080p and 4K UHD. The Kayenne K- Frame offers premium performance with the largest I/O footprint in the market, multiple multiviewer capability and up to 9 M/Es, accessible across two suites. The K-Frame V-series, while only 3RU, provides enormous power requiring no compromise on enterprise features with 1, 2 or 3 M/E options and GV-eLicense available for flexibility and scalability.

Flexibility is also a key feature in Tencent Video's line-up of Grass Valley networking solutions—GV Node, GV Convergent and IPG-3901. GV Node includes integrated processing, routing, aggregation and multiviewing in an all-in-one platform. Its distributed architecture means it's ideal for Tencent Video's facility today and in the future. GV Convergent provides next-generation network control, including multilevel routing for the proposed SMPTE ST 2110 essence-based flows and in-depth visualization and control of the IP fabric. The complete control system is both infrastructure and signal format independent to adapt to unique facility needs and allow broadcasters to make real-time modifications through an intuitive interface and custom system configurations. The IPG-3901 gateway provides a robust feature set for normalizing variances in IP signals sent to GV Node and allows for distribution beyond Local Area Networks; so together, GV Node with IPG can now offer the transfer of information with a distance of up to 40km between ports.

"Tencent Video's expansion into new content channels and new formats is a huge step to staying ahead in the endless, and increasingly fast-paced, content creation race," said Somu Patil, vice president of sales, Asia, Grass Valley. "Their decision to upgrade to Grass Valley IP solutions will only further their efforts to produce and distribute modern, innovative programming."

From website videos to live programming to sports broadcasts, Tencent Video now has all the equipment it needs to produce a wide range of high-quality content.


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