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Grass Valley Launches the "GVX" Customer Council

Bringing together expert technologists and industry leaders to drive targeted innovation and workflow transformation

MONTREAL, June 1, 2020 — Grass Valley underlines its leadership in driving innovation through collaboration with the launch of GVX, a council of customers selected from the media industry's most influential technologists and business leaders. This group of key leaders will work closely with Grass Valley executives to move media technology innovation forward in a mutually beneficial fashion, providing the industry with solutions that are perfectly matched with the increasing demands placed on content producers and distributors.

The GVX Customer Council launches with many key influencers on board, including Dave Mazza from NBC Sports, Del Parks from Sinclair Broadcast Group, Helen Clifton from ABC Australia, Mauricio Felix from Globo, Ruba Ibrahim from Al Arabiya Network, Scott Rothenburg from NEP, and Gordon Castle from Discovery.

"Grass Valley's business and ethos relies on the relationships we've built over the past 60 years with the world's leading broadcasters, content producers, rights holders and distributors," said Tim Shoulders, Grass Valley's president. "These relationships are critical to fully understanding the needs of the market, so we can develop the technology that our customers need in order to thrive. Formalizing the interaction between our development teams and our customers through GVX is the perfect way for us to ensure we continue to drive advancements in technology and smart working models that will empower customers to build successful businesses for today and tomorrow."

Ranked among the top news channels in the Middle East, 24 hour news service, Al Arabiya Network delivers authoritative insight and informed opinion within a constantly changing environment. Grass Valley's high-quality broadcast solutions enable it to stay ahead of the curve and define the future of broadcast in the region. Ruba Ibrahim, Director of Operation for Al Arabiya Network, said: "We work in a fast-moving industry and it is essential to our business to remain ahead of the curve with technology and innovations to continuously enrich our delivery. The Customer Council is bringing reputable organizations to the table with different viewpoints and will play an active role in the development of our priorities."

Discovery collaborates with Grass Valley's production applications to ensure that it has best-in-class solutions to meet consumer demand for stunning quality content. Discovery Communications' SVP EMEA Technology & Operations, Gordon Castle commented: "It is extremely important for our business that we are heard as a customer, but it is also important for us to listen to the perspectives of other customers and Grass Valley through the GVX. It gives us a 'direct voice' at the product roadmap desk and is enabling us to efficiently handle shifting markets."

Brazilian broadcaster, Globo has been using Grass Valley solutions for over two decades, including IP solutions, to help it evolve its services dynamically as it meets the rising demand for more content across more screens. On being part of GVX, Globo's technology director Mauricio Felix commented: "We are very focused on ensuring that any technology we deploy drives better consumer experiences and helps us strengthen the direct to customer relationships that are so critical to our business. Being part of this Customer Council means we can bring our unique insight of what the end consumer wants to help steer product roadmaps and innovation, and ultimately create better solutions for the industry as a whole."

The development of GVX ensures that market interaction is formally incorporated into GV's business DNA in a systematic, purposeful way. This council will convene on a regular basis to discuss market conditions, technological advancements and other themes that impact both suppliers and buyers. Outcomes of these interactions will provide a clear view, for all involved, of the current market landscape and the challenges that the industry is set to face in the future. Grass Valley will use the valuable insights from this key group of influencers to inform and validate its product development strategy.

"This initiative, along with other initiatives such as AIMS and the GV Tech Alliance, create dynamic, collaborative relationships across the industry with customers, partners and standards bodies," Shoulders added. "These activities deliver benefits not only for Grass Valley and its customers, but for the industry as a whole."


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