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Analog Video/Tri-level Sync Distribution Amplifier

The VDA-1002 is an analog video distribution amplifier with a differential looping input and eight outputs. Signal status is controlled from the card edge. Signal status is provided to indicate the input signal presence. The differential input provides rejection of hum and other artifacts on incoming signals. The new nine slot-wide VDA-1002-3NRP combined with nine VDA-1002 cards maximize analog video distribution to 70 BNC outputs with internal looping of input signal. Two VDA-1002-3NRP rears (with 18 VDA-1002) can be installed in a Densité 3 frame, giving a total of 140 BNC output per 3 RU for reference distribution.


  • Analog video differential input with passive loop-through
  • 8x 75Ω outputs
  • Supports NTSC and PAL video standards
  • 90 MHz analog video bandwidth
  • Control of gain from the card edge
  • Status LED and remote reporting



Signal: Any 1 Vp-p nominal signal

Return loss:

  • >35 dB up to 10 MHz on all VDA single and double rears panels
  • >31 dB up to 5 MHz, with VDA-1002-3NRP rear panel

Coupling: DC

Level: 0.3 to 1.5 Vp-p

Impedance: 75Ω bridging

Max. common mode signal: 28 Vp-p

Common mode rejection: >65 dB to 10 kHz



Signal (3-8): 1 Vp-p nominal signal adjustable

Return loss: >35 dB up to 5.75 MHz

Impedance: 75Ω

Phase match between outputs: <0.1° at 4.43 MHz

Output isolation signal: >40 dB at 10 MHz

Response variation: <0.1 dB, 1 to 8 loads, to 20 MHz

Processing Performance

Gain range: ±3 dB

Freq. response:

  • ±0.05 dB up to 5 MHz
  • ±0.15 dB up to 10 MHz

Differential gain: <0.15%

Diff. phase:

  • <0.15° at 8 loads
  • <0.1° at 2 loads

H/V tilt: <0.1 %, DC coupling

SNR: >64 dB up to 5 MHz (rms noise/0.714V, unweighted)

Chrominance/luminance delay error: <±1 ns

Chrominance/luminance gain error: <±0.02 dB

Hum: <1 mV

Latency: 15 ns




  • 1.5W (SRP and SRP/L rears)
  • 2W (DRP, 3SRP and 3NRP rears)


Densité 2 frame Densité 3 frame Description
VDA-1002 VDA-1002-3RU Analog video DA
VDA-1002-SRP   Single rear connector panel with 4 outs
VDA-1002-SRP/L VDA-1002-SRP/L-3RU Single rear connector panel
VDA-1002-DRP VDA-1002-DRP-3RU Double rear connector panel
  VDA-1002-3SRP Single rear connector panel with 7 outs
  VDA-1002-3NRP Nonuple Rear Connector Panel (supports up to 9 VDA-1002-3RU)
Remote control GV Orbit, iControl, iControl Solo




The VDA-1002 from Grass Valley is an analog video distribution amplifier with a differential looping input and eight outputs.



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