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The Dynamic IP Blueprint: Unleashing Creativity in Live Media

The Grass Valley Dynamic IP Blueprint is our vision of how we can make this transformation easier for all our customers and deliver more value at each stage of the journey. The Blueprint has different layers that provide guidance around technical and financial considerations. One of the most fundamental is that IP, even with all its benefits, needs to match the operational reliability and — in many ways — simplicity of existing standards, such as serial digital interface (SDI).

The aim is to deliver an IP-based experience that enables both a practiced broadcast engineer and a less-skilled operator to get the job done — whatever their particular production or playout task may be. What’s more, they should have tools and processes that are as robust, performant and reliable as those utilized by today’s modern studios and outside broadcasting (OB) units.

As such, the Dynamic IP Blueprint is a guiding star for our engineering efforts to ensure that every category of solution — from cameras, through routing infrastructure and switching, to production, master control and playout — has both an SDI and IP option. In many instances, the object is to provide a hybrid solution that supports both. In more advanced cases, engineers are implementing entire physical products, such as mixers, as wholly software or cloud equivalents.

The Blueprint also recognizes that more workflows are going to be delivered from the cloud. The rationale is simple. The cloud offers the shortest route to scalable, on-demand capacity across computing, networking and storage, providing the perfect resource for the media industry’s direction of travel. In an era of over-the-top (OTT), video on demand (VoD) and direct to consumer (DTC), more media enterprises are turning each year to the cloud to enhance workflows, with early adopters using cloud first in remote production and playout applications.

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