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Grass Valley's AMPP is the SaaS live production and distribution platform that empowers today’s media makers to create more content, more efficiently

What is AMPP?

AMPP® is a SaaS platform designed to enable efficient and flexible media production workflows for live content creation, management, and distribution. The technology is designed to provide broadcasters, content creators, and media companies with a powerful, scalable, and secure platform to create and deliver more content to more channels.

AMPP is the future of media production and distribution.

Apps and Solutions

AMPP brings applications from across the entire production chain into a single work environment. Applications include:

Alchemist X

Cloud-based Frame Rate Conversion (FRC) for Live Media Streams

LiveTouch X

Replay Solution for AMPP

Framelight X

Next-generation Asset Management — Native to GV AMPP Platform

Audio Mix X

High-Performance Audio Solution
GV AMPP Master Control UI on Tablet

Masterpiece X

Cloud-Based, Broadcast-Grade Master Control

Live Producer X

Simpler Operation with the Same High-End Creative Features as a Traditional Production Switcher
GV Playout X

Playout X

Flexible, Scalable, Cloud-first Playout Solution

K-Frame CS X

Simple Transition to Software based applications

Maverik X

A new software-based production switcher for the AMPP platform from Grass Valley


Scalable I/O and processing for Grass Valley’s Agile Media Processing Platform.

AMPP Local

Stay in Control, Offline

Elastic Recorder X

Any Input – Any Location – Any Storage
Telos Infinity VIP On AMPP

Telos Infinity VIP on AMPP

Putting intercom in the Cloud

How does AMPP work?

AMPP manages a user-defined infrastructure under a common operating environment for workflow applications and solutions. Once the platform is established, applications can be spun up and down as needed. The entire system is managed from a unified user interface to make operation simple and secure.

As illustrated in the diagram, the apps provide operator input for tasks that need accomplished. The AMPP platform turns that input into instructions or policies that the infrastructure carries out.


With AMPP you can...

Work anywhere. Deliver everywhere

One of the key benefits of AMPP is its ability to enable remote collaboration and production.
  • Teams can work together from different locations, with access to the same content and tools. Flexible work arrangements reduce crew travel and associated costs while maximizing their productivity.
  • The platform's cloud-enabled infrastructure also enables users to scale their resources up or down as needed, allowing them to handle large volumes of media content using cloud or on-premise infrastructure.
  • With AMPP, you have the freedom to choose your preferred work environment, whether it's in your studio, remotely, on-premises, or in the cloud, and with any combination of hardware or software. Its support for edge computing allows for 24/7 operations and immediate processing of live content, while the centralized control allows talent to work together from multiple locations for each event. AMPP supports every aspect of real-time production, no matter where you are on the planet. 

Choose any infrastructure

AMPP brings together a common infrastructure for all applications.
  • The platform manages any combination of on-prem and cloud elements while maintaining a consistent experience for the content creator.
  • Achieve new levels of operational and cost efficiency by using the optimal hardware and software mix for your operation.

Integrate familiar workflows

AMPP gives you access to solutions across the production chain – from ingest to playout – including existing hardware and control surfaces
  • Equipment options from both Grass Valley and a variety of top industry vendors are available. Members of the Grass Valley Alliance offer fully vetted solutions that can plug right in. Read more on the Grass Valley Alliance.

Spin up resources as needed

With AMPP, you no longer must guess years in advance how much capacity your system will need or allow resources to site idle
  • AMPP uses a modern microservices architecture that allows the system to quickly scale to any size. Spinning workflows up and down can be done in minutes. Experiment with new concepts. 
  • Add another feature or workflow without a major upfront investment. Try out a potential solution and then rearrange as needed. It’s easy to quickly expand a system in terms of both scale and functionality - and only pay for the services used. Read more on AMPP System Architecture.

Keep the same great Grass Valley user experience

Designed to support live media production, AMPP provides precision signal timing and low latency even when connecting via typical residential internet
  • Operators can work on-prem or in the cloud with no noticeable difference in performance or response times regardless of their distance from the processing. 
  • The system also offers architecture alternatives that maintain high availability – even if the cloud connection is temporarily lost. Read more on Latency in AMPP and Resiliency in AMPP.

Match your business needs

For the first time, it’s possible to accurately tabulate all the resources used to create and distribute a particular piece of content.
  • AMPP’s platform management tools bring logging, user administration, task controls, and a billing overview into a single unified user interface for granular tracking of how the system is used. Read more on Cloud Financial Models.

Use Cases

Read about GV AMPP in action!


G20 Summit, New Delhi brought to millions by Grass Valley’s AMPP SaaS and Hardware Solutions



Italy’s NVP Chooses Grass Valley AMPP for Lega Pro’s Live Football Match Productions


AMPP Platform

The control plane uses the following services that are built into AMPP. For detailed information on the technology behind AMPP, please see our AMPP whitepaper library.AMPP Playout

  • GVUI - See all your AMPP services in a custom layout
  • AMPP Control Panels - Design personalized dashboards that provide each team member with only what they need to perform their tasks
  • Logging - View and filter detailed logs to find and verify actions made in an account
  • User Management - Add, remove, and edit user accounts and assign appropriate privileges to each user
  • Compute Control - Connect the public cloud infrastructure to AMPP and control the spin-up and wind-down of public cloud compute instances in a single operation
  • APP Store - Choose the specific applications you need for a media workflow
  • Health Dashboard - Monitor the health of all the apps and services on the system
  • Resource Manager - Create, start, stop, update, and configure all applications of your AMPP account, as well as monitor usage across all workloads and nodes
  • Billing Portal - Easy-to-use AMPP billing portal provides clear cost analysis of AMPP workflows

AMPP Infrastructure

The hardware or software processing and storage used by AMPP – sometimes referred to as the data plane – may consist of any of the following


Choose your compute processing power and memory from your own servers, a public cloud provider


Choose your storage infrastructure from your own servers or public cloud provider or source it from GV with AMPP Edge servers. 

Visit GV AMPP Edge page



Existing hardware or software may be integrated with AMPP to maintain familiar user interfaces and provide a gradual migration to AMPP. Some examples include


Edge devices provide local processing and gateways for interchanges between physical and virtualized systems.


Host both the data plane and the control plane on-prem in COTS servers.

Like traditional hardware production environments, AMPP Local is only connected to the cloud during initial configuration and for software or license updates. No persistent connection to the cloud is required.


A single AMPP system may have multiple hardware or software compute nodes running under a single control plane. AMPP grid technology allows hardware nodes to scale with a high-speed interconnection that keeps the system unified.


The AMPP Streaming protocol is a peer-to-peer streaming protocol that can automatically traverse firewalls and dramatically reduces deployment and IT overhead.

Read more about AMPP Streaming SDK


GV AMPP Datasheet


GV AMPP Cloud Financial Models

Are You Ready for the Cloud?

Rigidity, Redundancy and Resiliency

AMPP Support for NDI


SpecificationsFor full details on all technical specifications please visit our specifications page
Support SolutionsAMPP is supported by a Network Operations Center (NOC) that proactively monitors the health of the AMPP cloud platforms. The NOC is staffed 24/7/365