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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

Considerations for Transitioning to Cloud-based Media Production

There are many benefits derived from adopting a cloud-based solution for new media production, including virtually infinite resource scalability, global workflow distribution and access to unique data processing capabilities. If you are reading this technical brief, it's probably because you've identified some ways that a cloud-based solution could further your business strategy. If you are like most potential adopters of cloud technology, you are also wondering how might the cloud take you from where you are today to where you want to be.

That is an important question. Adopting a cloud-based media production workflow is not just a technology decision. It is a strategy that, when done well, can have enormous benefits across your organization in terms of cost reduction, employee engagement and productivity, and speed to market.

To fully capture those benefits, it is important to be ready for the transition to the cloud from both a technological and an organizational perspective. Here are five key areas to consider when designing your cloud production strategy:

Connectivity: What is the underlying physical structure that ties together all of the resources involved in creating, storing and distributing content? Where does it make sense to locate processing?

Computation: After receiving inputs to your cloud system fabric, how do you want to modify them before distributing them as finished assets? How much processing will your applications require?

Control: How many people will access this system? Where can they be located? What type of applications can they access? Do you need role-based access control (RBAC)?

Comfort: What skills sets will you need in your organization to manage the new platform? Are these individuals already part of your team?

Cost: What financial models are available to you? How do you calculate the total cost of ownership? How do you maximize the return on your investment?

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