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LiveTouch X: Live replay from anywhere

Written by:
Chris Merrill, Director of Strategic Marketing
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Whether you want to go back and see the action again or just skip to the good parts, replay allows you to watch events in a way that's not possible in real time. To provide that experience for the audience, replay  perators need to stop, start, and rewind video to exact moments in a recording. They need a replay system  that responds immediately.

Given those requirements, can you really do professional replay from a remote location? The answer is yes!

With LiveTouch X running on AMPP, Grass Valley’s agile media production and distribution platform, you can provide live replay from anywhere.

Offsite replay

While you may choose to keep a single replay station on site next to the production switcher for those split-second calls, it’s not necessary. The replay operators can coordinate their work from wherever is best: an offsite production center, the marketing office, or from their garage. With LiveTouch X, operators can scrub through their live camera feeds to mark clips, create playlists, and automatically push content to the rest of the production team, just as if they were working at an adjacent bench on site. The producer and director can see their clips on the monitors in front of them and communicate over their headsets in real time.


Instantaneity and ease of use

LiveTouch X allows operators to work with familiar tools so they can concentrate on the event rather than the equipment. Operators can work from a browser window on an internet connected PC, or they can use Grass Valley’s LiveTouch hardware panel. The UI enables quick organization of clips by page, bank, and slot. Regardless of the interface, operators will enjoy the immediacy of the system response with no visible lags, no matter where they are connected.

Besides enriching the live broadcast, the other content teams will love being able to work in real time without interrupting the live production. There is no need to wait for a post-game melt to begin their edits. They can have their own independent replay station or clips can be automatically routed to asset management for editing, publication, and archive. Keyword tagging and AI enhanced metadata provide more options for simplifying content usage across the system.

Financial benefits

From a business perspective, allowing replay operators to work remotely has financial advantages. In addition to the reduction in costs to move people and equipment around, consistency in production improves the use of resources and the storytelling as the same group of operators work together on more events.

LiveTouch X also quickly matches the size of the system to the production. No upfront infrastructure buildout is required. Designed to easily scale by spinning up software applications, you can have one replay operator for a small event or expand to a large team in minutes, giving you the right size system whenever you need it.

Yes, you can provide professional replay from any location. Distributed replay with LiveTouch X enables you to keep pace with the best in new business models while keeping you firmly connected to the professional performance you expect from the leader in live content creation tools.

LiveTouch X was shortlisted for IABM BaM Awards® 2022.