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The new world of playout

Written by:
Peter Abecassis, Senior Product Marketing Manager

The surge in television channels, streaming platforms, and competition from social media makes it more difficult for brands to stand out. Viewers are watching media on different devices via lots of different platforms and delivery methods. For media organizations to get content onto these various streaming platforms, deploying a different infrastructure from that for when delivering over linear television is necessary.

As the delivery of content over streaming platforms and social media increases, the mechanisms for getting content to the viewer need to be simpler and more flexible, allowing media organizations to deploy new channels quickly, all while maintaining quality and reliability.

GV Playout X – running on AMPP – empowers content owners to easily spin up new channels as needed, providing the ultimate agility to create new TV channels and playout streams in a matter of minutes, without building any specific infrastructure. This means that getting content to consumers is just as easy, whether it is delivered via linear television, social media, or a streaming platform.

Playout as part of a production and distribution platform

AMPP was created to meet the needs of modern media companies and has become the de-facto platform for media production. The complete pipeline of media production can be set up within an AMPP environment, from switching to replay, editing, and asset management.

This close integration with the playout stage simplifies processes such as content localization and versioning. This means that it is easier to create new revenue streams for a particular piece of content. This also means that it is simple for additional content to be created and sent out via OTT streaming platforms or social media, further increasing its reach and engagement.

Today, media distribution includes linear TV channels as well as pop-up channels, Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels, feeds to social media, targeted advertising, not to mention ad-hoc requirements for major events in multiple languages. GV Playout X caters to these requirements and supports future demands due to its flexible design and its ability to be both on-premise and cloud-based. GV Playout X can also be deployed across a wide range of topologies mapped to fit the ever-changing needs of a media operation.

Playout for every application

GV Playout X can create different types of channels:

  • Specialized or live sports channels with a mix of live and thematic content. 
  • A quick spin-up “pay-per-view” movie channel 
  • Opt-out channels for localizing content by replacing ads or entire programs 
  • A self-contained “barker” or promo channel with pre-prepared assets and your branding 
  • An emergency disaster recovery system to get you back on air quickly with your content and branding, only spinning up when needed

GV Playout X includes features that allow the creation of a rich programming experience with total control. These advanced features include UHD, HDR, compressed outputs, redundancy, captions or subtitles, graphics, Dolby, audio processing, SCTE triggers, secondary record, and more.

Focus on content

The agility of GV Playout X allows the creation of new types of live content without prohibitive up-front investment. It also allows content to have a greater value since it can be quickly versioned for multiple audiences and platforms. As part of AMPP, the process of creating and distributing more content to many platforms becomes very easy, ultimately, allowing content creators to maximize their revenue while efficiently delivering exciting shows that connect with their audiences.