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Case Studies

Case Study

ANO Sports Broadcasting Selects Grass Valley Routers and Kahuna Switchers

The Customer

ANO Sports Broadcasting (Panorama) was founded as an autono-mous nonprofit organization by OJSC Channel One, FGUP VGTRK, OJSC NTV-PLUS and the RIA Novosti news agency on December 24, 2009. Russia's Deputy Prime Minister is the head of the Supervisory Board.

The Challenge

Panorama's mission is to provide a national HDTV signal to enable millions of viewers in Russia to watch the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014, as well as the XXVII World Summer University Games in Kazan in 2013.

The Grass Valley Solution

This project is too large for any one technology provider to create an entire end-to-end solution. Panorama is in the process of creating a multivendor production platform where the most important pre-requi-site for any supplier is that the equipment supplied is "state-of- the-art and capable of keeping abreast of the very latest developments in broadcast technology."

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