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Case Studies

Case Study

New England School of Communications

The Customer

New England School of Communications (NESCom)

Based in Bangor, ME, NESCom offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Communications Technology, Media Studies, and Entertainment Production.

From its roots as the New England School of Broadcasting (NESB), founded in 1981 in downtown Bangor, ME, the New England School of Communications (NESCom) moved to a facility on the campus of Husson College in 1985 and continued to grow by providing housing, dining, a gymnasium and other campus amenities.

The Challenge

The intimate and hands-on settings Verrill refers to are the school's on-site video production facilities. They include a multi-purpose television studio, several post-production suites and an editing lab. The school works closely with major technology suppliers in the industry who helped to outfit these facilities, including Audio-Video Corporation, a reseller for Grass Valley. "We've developed close and trusted relationships with major manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. This has definitely helped us keep our gear on the leading edge," said Verrill.

The Grass Valley Solution

The Karrera Video Production Center is a software-based, modular switcher with an intuitive control panel and a touchscreen side panel, which Verrill said are extremely easy for students to master. The Karrera's size is ideally suited to mobile production trucks without compromising on power or quality.

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