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Case Studies

Case Study

Prince William County Schools Build New Digital Broadcast Operation

The Customer

PWCS-TV is the dedicated television channel for Virginia-based Prince William County Public Schools. The station can be found on the Comcast Cable System and on Channel 36 in the Verizon FiOS line-up, and is streamed live from The station offers a wide variety of educational and entertainment programming that targets the entire community of learners in Prince William County, Virginia — students, teachers, parents, and school division staff.

The Challenge

Broadcasting 24/7, PWCS-TV targets a diverse audience of parents, students, and employees throughout Prince William County, with a variety of locally produced programming as well as live satellite feeds and other content. When the school district recently moved to a new administration building, PWCS-TV used the opportunity to build a new broadcasting facility from the ground up to facilitate its transition from analog to digital operations.

The Grass Valley Solution

Equipping this new facility, Grass Valley has integrated state-of-the-art routing, automation, and master control solutions. The Grass Valley equipment, including a Sirius router, the Morpheus automation system, and a Masterpiece master control switcher, provides a seamless routing, control, and playout infrastructure that has greatly improved the station's quality levels.

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