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Case Studies

Case Study

Streamteam Nordic and Grass Valley Enhance the Broadcast Experience of Finnish ICE Hockey with New Remote Production Hub

Across all content types, but especially in live sports, consumer expectations for first-class immersive viewing experiences is rising. Broadcasters, content providers and production companies are under pressure to deliver more high end content with a visual impact that is “as good as being there”. The digital landscape also demands that content is available via a wider range of platforms for anytime, anywhere access.

Meeting this insatiable appetite for richer content experiences usually involves sending large production teams and sometimes multiple OB vehicles out on location. OB production is a costly undertaking – even without considering the pre- and post-event logistics, set-up and take down times and the miles of cabling involved. Downward pressure on budgets has seen media organizations seeking to better utilize their resources, maximize the value of their content, and look at new and more efficient ways of producing live content. Faster, more efficient workflows, more flexible infrastructures and remote production models are all high on the priority list for broadcasters and media companies as they take on the challenges of the current mediascape.

“Broadcasters need flexible, agile infrastructures and workflows to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving mediascape"

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