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Case Studies

Case Study

TV Skyline Stays Shead of the Game with Kahuna and Maverik

The Customer

Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, TV Skyline has been at the fore-front of the OB business for more than 20 years. When it comes to live event coverage, TV Skyline knows what it's doing; you name it, TV Skyline has covered it — from Champions' League and Bundesliga football, athletics, tennis and ice hockey to stadium rock, pop and classical concerts and corporate launches for giants such as Porsche, VW, Airbus and Bayer. Recently, TV Skyline has begun working in a new area — computer games festivals.

The Challenge

Today, TV Skyline has a fleet of four OB trucks and four support vehicles as well as two fully equipped studios in its headquarters building. In addition, TV Skyline has developed its own range of specialist cameras to give its live event coverage a real edge. Most recently, TV Skyline has added two Flightpacks to its offering — comprehensive production facilities that pack up into around 45 cases ready to ship anywhere in the world.

The Grass Valley Solution

Three of the OB trucks and the Flightpacks are equipped with Grass Valley Kahuna switchers. OB3 is a 17.5 ton, 10.5m, 19 camera hard-sided truck with a 4 M/E Kahuna at its heart; OB5 is a 29 ton, 15.2m articulated truck that supports up to 20 cameras, and is equipped with a 4 M/E Kahuna switcher.

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